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"Epic Endgame" - A Deep Endgame Rabbit Hole.
This is a balanced and tested mod bundle that connects four amazing mods "Epic Loot" , "Creature Control" ,"Sell That" and "Configuration manager"
into a deep and enriching endgame with a possibility of thousands of hours of pure fun!

Permissions and credits
A few Valheim fans kept asking me for the secret of unlimited hours of fun in Valheim me and my friends were having, 
and so I am revealing our mod combination and epicly balanced config files and jsons.

"Epic Endgame" is a balanced and tested mod bundle that connects four amazing mods "Epic Loot" by Randy Knapp, "Creature Control" by Tykea, and
"Sell That" by ASharpPen123, and Configuration manager by Aedenthorn

This "epic sauce" of the above mods creates a "Deep Endgame Rabbit Hole" of adventure, crafting, professions, enchanting, treasure hunting, and more..
While Valheim is a great game even on Vanilla playthrough, we want a deeper connection with it at the endgame level. 

Let's face it..

There is an emptiness after defeating Yagluth.
There is nothing to gather for.
There is nothing to craft for.
There is nothing to hunt for.
We have huge lands to explore, but no reason to do it.
There is gold, but no need to earn more of it.

All that changes with Epic Endgame

We love Valheim and we want a purpose to stay in this beautiful world.

The key elements of Epic Endgame are:

- Buff your stamina and Health!
Lacking stamina? enchant your gear with stamina, health and stamina regen!

- Choose your difficulty 

The default config starts your game at a 3-star difficulty but can be lowered or increased to taste.
If you have a configuration manager mod, you can press F1 and lower the stars. 
  Be aware that the config is altered from the default config and each star adds significant difficulty to the game 
and would require you to be prepared with properly enchanted gear to master this difficulty.

- Customize your grind
The default config is set to a moderate grind that most endgame enthusiasts enjoy. There is a constant need for earning more gold and materials.
However, if you like less or even more grind, you can alter the configs to taste. 
If you are a looter shooter kind of gamer you will likely want to keep the config as is, 
If you are more on the crafty gathery side, a popular configuration is to change the loot to enchanting mats only.

- Choose your own adventure and professions(Jobs)
There are many ways to make money: you can be a forager, fermenter, treasure hunter, bounty hunter, cook, smith, 
ocean explorer, tomb raider and more.. Discover several ways to earn gold and of course several reasons to spend it!
Haldor is configured to buy several interesting items. You may be surprised and discover some of the best ways to make money.

- Enchanting and Deeper Endgame Rabbit hole
There is always room for improvement, no matter how strong you think you are, and there is always something that can kill you if you are not careful.
Discover the secrets of enchanting and create your perfect setup to conquer the Valheim world in its deadliest form!
´╗┐Gamble for legendaries with tokens earned from your adventures!

- The Epic Quest for the Gold Ruby Ring!
This mod bundle creates an epic hunt for the Golden Ring. While Golden ring is an item easily obtainable currently in Randy's mod, it is too strong.
This mod pack exploits that opportunity to create a story around it and sends you in search of materials to craft this beautiful ring throughout your
´╗┐gameplay. It is not easy to craft a legendary version of this item, and just the drive to craft this ring alone will lead you through different adventures. 

A little about me.. I am a game developer myself who has taken a liking to Valheim.

Hope these configs bring you thousands of hours of fun as they have brought to me and my friends.

Valheim - The Epic Endgame
Are you up for the challenge?

Instructions to install:
As with any mod, back up your characters and worlds.
If you are currently using your own configs, make a backup.
It is recommended to create a new world when playing with mods.

The zip file includes a stable and hearth and home compatible BepinEnx, Epic Loot, Creature Loot control, Sell That, and Configuration manager config files.
Those with vanilla Valheim will need to install the recommended mods before copying the configs and jsons into the mod folders.

Step 1:
take out the files from the config folder in the zip archive and move them to your config folder located at
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Valheim\BepinEx\config or equivalent

take out the .json files from the plugin folder in the zip archive and move them to your plugin folder or your EpicLoot folder located at
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Valheim\BepInEx\plugins or equivalent

If you have trouble installing, just pm me..