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About this mod

This mod updates the game UI with few subtle edits.

You are able to edit and select what updates you want to use.

Permissions and credits

This mods main idea is to make the interface of Valheim more easier to understand.
I'll add slowly new additions to this mod - and fix bugs that you report.
If you have suggestions what UI related modifications you want to see, please leave an post. I'll be reading posts on this mod frequently.

By default every modification is turned ON. You may not like all of them, so you have the option to toggle certain modifications.
To toggle these options, please check the config file on your mod manager or \Bepinex\config folder.

Quick overview on all the edits this mod does. You need to open the config file to edit these options.

Custom UI
  • Able to edit element positions
  • Add custom elements to UI
  • If need help, check FAQ

  • Colorblind mode
  • Track character level
  • Display character stats on character selection
  • Hover over players armor icon (InventoryUI) to see character stats

  • Colored durability bars
  • Item levels as stars
  • Scale item icon
  • Customized tooltips

  • Show enemy level: Text, Stars, Both
  • Show enemy HP amount (includes bosses)
  • Aware / Angry status colored on enemy name
  • Custom render distance

  • Display fermenting time left / completion percentage

  • Display grow time left / grow percentage

Cooking Station
  • Display cook time left / cook percentage
  • Display with red text how long until burns to coal


  • Display how many slots are taken
  • Display how many percentage of slots are taken

  • Scale map icons (for the 4k monitor gang)

  • Customized Skills UI
  • Show % gained of a skill
  • Show skill experience gains in top left corner

  • Show what stats are increasing when item is upgraded

Nothing is needed to download from this page, you should download this mod from your modmanagers "catalog".

1. Extract the archive into a folder. Do not extract into the game folder.
2. Move the BetterUI.dll into \Bepinex\plugins.
3. Run the game, it will generate automatically an configuration file into \Bepinex\config

This mod is client-sided.   
It will work just fine if the server does not have it.  
If you are using this mod, it will not cause issues to other players who do not have the mod.

Source code: Github