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I took the idea from "NOT SO EASY Epic materials for mining fall only", but I reworked it in my own way.

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I took an idea from NOT SO EASY Epic materials for mining fall only, but reworked it in my own way.
Mobs no longer drop clothing - only enchant ingredients.
Difference from the above mod:
1) any type of ingredient can drop (magic, rare, epic, legendary), and not a specific type from a specific mob;
2) Returned the clothes to the chests;
3) Increased the chances of dropping ingredients, as well as their quantity (including from bosses) - the chance and quantity of ingredients depends on the number of stars of the mob;
4) Removed Stagbreaker from Eyktur's loot;
5) The amount of gold for augmentation has been reduced (from 5000 to 500, etc.).
6) The Elder Trophy can now be disassembled into Magic (2 pieces) and Rare (1 piece) Runestone, Trophy BoneMass - Rare (2 pieces) and Epic (1 piece), Moder Trophy - Epic (2 pieces) and Legendary (1 piece) ), Yaglut Trophy - Legendary (3 pieces).
7) A tear of the dragon is disassembled into epic (dust 3 pcs., Reagent 2 pcs., Essence 2 pcs.) Instead of legendary (2 1 1).
8) Added loot from draugr archers and spearmen foulings
9) Things can fall from bosses. From the Eikthyr from the skin (the lowest) to bronze (depending on how many stars has a boss), etc.
10) With 4* and 5* mobs, clothes can fall with a low probability.

What are these changes for? - So that the game does not become easy (when clothes fell out, you could easily go to the same plains in 20-40 game days).

Added an additional file for use with the Terraheim mod.

Added versions for use with Monsterlab and Monster lab+Terraheim.

Place on the path:SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Valheim\BepInEx\plugins\EpicLoot\

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