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Tool for configuring mob loot tables. Allows for configuring, removing or adding to the drops of any mob.

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Drop That!

This mod enables configuration of any mob loot table.
This solution is set up to easily (well, somewhat) configure any "character" drop table in the game. It can either add or replace existing drops.

See the Valheim wiki to get a list of item names which can be used.

A pretty comprehensive guide for prefabs can be found here.

Note. Documentation has become extensive, and most of it has therefore been moved to since v1.10.0

  • Override any existing potential drop of a mob, by specifying the index (0 based) of the item you want changed.
  • Add as many additional drops with their own drop chance or drop range as you want
  • Discard all existing drop tables
  • Discard all existing drop tables for entities modified.
  • Configuration templates, for easy extension.
  • Add conditions for when a mob should drop an item
  • Server-side configs
  • Adds mod specific conditions for: 
  - Creature Level and Loot Control
  - Epic Loot (Experimental as it is in beta. Tested against v0.7.10)
  • Performance improvements
  •   - Drop stacks instead of individual items. Want to have a stack of coins, that isn't a massive lag tower of individual coins?  - Limit max amount to avoid those pesky world-crashing level 10 trolls.
Manual Installation:
  1. Install the BepInEx Valheim
  2. Download the latest zip
  3. Extract it in the \<GameDirectory\>\Bepinex\plugins\ folder.
  4. Launching the game and joining a world will generate a config file in the "<GameLocation>/BepInEx/config" folder.

Client / Server

Drop That needs to be installed on all clients and on server to work.

From v1.4.0 clients will request the configurations currently loaded by the server, and use those without affecting the clients config files.
This means you should be able to have server-specific configurations, and the client can have its own setup for singleplayer.

Attempting to work with the BepInEx configuration system, but is set up to manage "arrays" of drops.

The configuration file 'drop_that.tables.cfg' is expected (and generated if not present) in the BepInEx config folder. It will be empty by default, and the user is expected to add in the changes desired.
If files are not present, start the game and they will be generated including an example. 
Restart to apply changes.

 Default drop tables and other helper info, can be generated by setting toggles in the main configuration file 'drop_that.cfg'.
Pre-generated version can be found here: 
- Drop tables
- Creature items 

ItemName = Entrails
AmountMin = 1
AmountMax = 1
Chance = 1
LevelMultiplier = true
Enabled = true

ItemName = IronScrap
AmountMin = 1
AmountMax = 1
Chance = 1
LevelMultiplier = true
Enabled = true

ItemName = Coins
AmountMin = 1
AmountMax = 100
Chance = 0.5
LevelMultiplier = false
Enabled = true


Much more in-depth documentation can be found at