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Adds selectable hero classes to the game, each with 3 unique abilities.
Cut through scores of enemies with a berserker's rage, stalk your prey as a swift shadow, or call down heavens fury in a storm of meteors - become a Legend!

Permissions and credits
Update note:
If you updated to v0.4.4 from an earlier version then you will want to regenerate the Valheimlegends.cfg file inside of the \\Valheim\BepInEx\config folder to apply the correct modifier values. To do this, delete the file and launch the game, then exit the game. A new config file should be created and you can reapply any config changes (key bindings, etc).


Adds 12 hero classes, each with 3 abilities:

**An in-game compendium is available after acquiring a class that has more details on skills, bonuses, and tips!**

1. Bulwark - Buff: adds a set block bonus to all blocked attacks and adds damage mitigation to the caster
2. Stagger - Attack: immediately taggers all enemies around the Valkyrie
3. Leap - Attack: Launch into the air and come crashing down, applying splash damage at the point of impact
3.a. Frozen Fury - Release all valkyrie charges to create a wave of ice by holding block and using the 'leap' ability; must be using a shield

Extra: gain valkyrie charges each time an attack is blocked with a shield
Hold block and press the 'attack' button to throw an icy spear; must have valkyrie charges

1. Shadow Stalk - Buff: greatly reduces noise and visibility of the Ranger, improves movement speed while crouched, and grants a short (5s) burst of speed
2. Summon Wolf - Pet: summons a wolf companion for a limited time that is more durable, but less damaging than normal wolf pets
3. Power shot - Buff: the next several ranged attacks gain velocity and attack power

Extra: passive skill that reduces stamina used while running by 25%
Passive skill that reduces poison damage by 25%
Rapid Reply - can fire an arrow as if the bow was 90% drawn for 3s after performing a dodge roll

1. Rage - Buff: sacrifice health periodically to gain increased movement speed, physical attack damage, continuous stamina regen, and a life-tap for a portion of damage dealt.
2. Execute - Buff: the next several melee attacks gain increased attack power
3. Dash - Attack: dash forward and strike enemies as you pass; damage based on the weapon currently equipped

Extra: 30% reduction in stamina use when swinging 2h weapons
Gains a 4% bonus to damage for every 10% of missing health

1. Fireball - Attack: launch a ball of fire that deals splash damage and applies burning
1.a. Ice Shard - Alternate attack: throw a short range shard of ice that deals piercing damage and slows enemies by holding "block" and using the Fireball ability
2. Frost Nova - Attack: create a burst of ice around the caster that damages and freezes enemies; 
2.a. Inferno - Alternate attack: create a burst of fire around the caster by holding "block" and using the Frost Nova ability
3. Meteor - Channeled Attack: use this ability to call down meteors to strike an area; channel duration (stamina expended) determines how many meteors are created

1. Regeneration - Heal: causes the caster and all nearby players to quickly regenerate health for a short period of time
2. Root Defender - Summon: grows friendly roots and creatures to defend the druid
3. Vines - Channeled Attack: periodically launches piercing vine projectiles

Bonus: druids may consume various seeds to gain a burst of vitality (use from hotbar or inventory)


1. Enrage - Buff: increases movement speed and rapidly regenerate stamina for the caster and all nearby allies
2. Shell - Buff: reduces any elemental (poison, fire, ice, etc) damage taken and applies a spirit damage DoT to any attack made by the caster and all allies
3. Spirit Shock - Attack: deals spirit damage in an area around the caster and applies a spirit DoT to any enemy hit

Extra: hold the 'jump' key while above water to glide across the surface
Gains 25 stamina any time a nearby creature dies

1. Riposte - Counter: parry and counter in one smooth maneuver
2. Seismic Slash - Attack: a sweeping technique that releases a razor thin blade of energy
3. Hip Shot - Attack: quickly fire a projectile from a concealed weapon

Extra: gains a large bonus to block and parry values when wielding only a weapon
Reduce the cooldown on hip shot and S.Slash when parrying an attack

1. Biome Buff - Augment: grants a unique boon depending on the biome; energy from this buff may be released as an electric burst
2. Weaken - Debuff: slows and weakens all enemies in a target area
3. Charm - Debuff: turns an enemy into an ally for a short period

Extra: gain an 'elemental touch' which has a 30% chance to apply bonus elemental (fire, lighting, frost) damage when landing an attack
Any elemental damage blocked by the enchanter is absorbed as stamina

1. Light - Buff: create a ball of light that follows the caster; can be launched as a projectile to stagger and bock enemies
2. Replica - Illusion: create replica's of all nearby enemies; replica's have a short lifespan and low HP
3. Warp - Movement: warp forward a short distance; can be charged to increase the travel distance and produce a powerful detonation at the exit point

Extra: safe fall - press and hold "jump" to slow your descent and avoid fall damage
Force Wave - hold block and press 'attack' to create a burst of energy that knocks enemies back, shares a cooldown with Replica

1. Psi Strike - Attack: an unarmed attack so powerful it creates a shock wave; requires chi
1.a. Meteor Slam - while airborne, use Psi Strike to slam the ground for a powerful AoE attack
2. Flying Kick - Attack: leap forward in a spinning kick
3. Psi Bolt - Attack: throw a bolt of condense energy; consumes all charges of chi but scales with # of charges
3.a. Chi Surge - while holding block, use Psi bolt to consume all chi charges but gain a physical buff

Extra: generate 'Chi' charges by landing unarmed attacks
Gains a 25% bonus to unarmed damage
Gains a bonus to block while unarmed
May fall from increased heights without taking damage

1. Heal - Heal: a powerful heal that can be channeled to produce increasingly effective waves of healing
2. Sanctify - Attack: calls a might hammer to fall from the sky, crushing everything in a fiery impact
3. Purge - Attack/Heal: emits a burst of energy that heals allies and burns enemies

Extra: when taking lethal damage, the priest will reduce HP to 1 instead of dying - can occur once every 10m

1. Backstab - Attack: rapidly move behind an enemy and deliver a critical hit
2. Fade - Movement: set a fade point and reactivate the ability to instantly move to the fade
3. Poison Bomb - Attack: throw a container of acid that poisons anything it touches

Extra: hold 'block' and press 'attack' to quickly throw a knife - this consumes stamina and requires a rogue charge
Double jump - press jump and then quickly press jump again (while still ascending) to jump a second time - requires a rogue charge
Gains a passive bonus to move speed while crouched

Adds 5 new skills: 
Discipline - enhances the power of physical attacks
Abjuration - increases the power of protection spells
Alteration - modifies abilities that enhance attributes
Conjuration - improves the power, duration, or number of summoned creatures
Evocation - improves abilities that create or manipulate energy

Each ability is tied to a specific skill and all abilities will grow in power as its related skill is increased.

Additional features:
  • Compendium entries for each class
  • Ability Icons
  • Ability keybinding
  • Server enforceable configs
  • Configuration options for global modifiers for balancing with other mods

Important Notes:
** Select the class you wish top play by offering an item at the Eikthyr Altar **
Berserker - Bone fragments
Druid - Dandelion
Duelist - Thistle
Enchanter - Resin
Mage - Coal
Metavoker - Raspberry
Monk - Wood
Priest - Stone
Ranger - Boar Meat
Rogue - Honey
Shaman - Greydwarf Eye
Valkyrie - Flint

** Keybinding for each ability is set in the configuration file **
The configuration file will be generated the first time the game is loaded after adding the mod; exit the game and edit the configuration file to set the class and keybinds for each ability.
Use "mouse #" where # is the mouse button to bind an ability to the mouse. 
The following entry would bind Ability 3 to the middle mouse button:
Ability3_Hotkey = mouse 2
You can also create a key combination by adding a value to the Combo entry:
Ability1_Hotkey = T
Ability1_Hotkey_Combo = left ctrl

See the config file for more information.

Extract the download archive to a temporary location.
Move the .dll AND VLAssets folder to your Valheim installation location BepInEx/plugins folder.
Uninstall by removing the .dll and assets from the plugins folder.
A dedicated server must also have the plugin in its plugin's folder.