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About this mod

Experience Subnautica anew! This mod randomises many aspects of the game such as recipes, fragment spawn locations, databox contents, door codes and more!

Permissions and credits
How to install
  • Install BepInEx
  • Install Nautilus
  • Extract this mod into your Subnautica/BepInEx directory
  • (Optional) Configure the in-game options menu to your liking
    • Press the Randomise! button to generate a new seed with your config options
    • Restart the game to apply your changes!
  • Have fun!

Configuring the in-game options menu
This mod offers a detailed in-game menu where you can switch each and every component on or off and further customise their behaviour to your liking. For example, if randomising recipes isn't your thing, you can disable that module!
Every option comes with tooltips explaining what it does. For even more detailed information, including advanced options which are not exposed in the in-game menu, please have a look at your config file in Subnautica/BepInEx/config.

Important: Any options you change will not have any effect on your game until you press the big Randomise! button at the top. After doing so, you must restart your game or risk softlocking yourself, because some aspects of the game are only loaded once ­­– during the initial startup.

This mod randomises:
  • Most recipes in the game except for decorative base pieces and food/water
  • Fragment spawn rate, locations, required number, and reward for scanning duplicates you already unlocked
  • Blueprints found in databoxes
  • Lifepod spawn location
  • Door codes and supply box contents

This mod does not randomise:
  • Food and water recipes
  • Decorative base parts like beds or vending machines
  • Spawn locations of fish and raw materials

Mod Compatibility

Most mods should work just fine when combined with the Randomiser. However, mod items will not be randomised or part of the progression logic since that requires a lot of extra information which cannot be extracted from the game. If you want to have a mod's recipes included in the logic, you can add them yourself in the recipeInformation.csv in your Subnautica/BepInEx/plugins/SubnauticaRandomiser/DataFiles folder. For instructions on how to do this, take a look right here, section 3.

Built-in Support
Confirmed to work well
Problematic and/or broken
  • Customize Your Spawns (do not use with fragment or databox modules)

Known Issues

  • If you use eggs in your run, you will be unable to craft any recipes with an egg until you have identified it by hatching one in an alien containment. This is because the game treats undiscovered and discovered eggs as two completely different items. I’ve introduced a config option to let you start with all eggs discovered if you want to.


Does this mod work with Subnautica: Below Zero?
No, it is made for the original Subnautica only.

Can I softlock myself?
No, there is logic in place to ensure every run is 100% completeable. However, the randomiser only guarantees one path to your next objective. For example, you may have to get down to the lava zone without getting access to a cyclops first, using only a prawn suit.

I need materials which I don't have the blueprints for?
Several blueprints in the game only unlock when you pick up or manufacture one of their ingredients. Notably, enamelled glass unlocks when you pick up your first stalker tooth or scan an observatory, and plasteel unlocks once you get the blueprint for your first vehicle (Seamoth, Prawn, or Cyclops). Many of the other advanced materials only unlock once you grab their vanilla ingredients (such as Polyaniline when you get your first Deepshroom). If you're still having trouble, feel free to post here and ask for help!

How do I share my seed with a friend?

First, make sure you’re both using the same version of the Randomiser. Then, simply share your config.json from your Subnautica/BepInEx/config/SubnauticaRandomiser/ folder with them. If you both have the same config, you’ll also have the same experience.

Wasn't there already a randomiser?
Yes! Unfortunately, that mod never implemented full randomising of all recipes in the game or any of the other changes I've since added, and has been inactive for a long time. With permission from its original creator, this mod builds on it to provide more features, more randomising, and more fun!


See the handy drop-down list near the top of the page to get the gist of each update. For a full list of changes, see the Github release page.


This project is licenced under MIT. You can obtain a copy of the licence here.

The source code can be found on GitHub.