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About this mod

Experience Subnautica anew! This mod randomises almost all recipes and fragments in the game, shuffles databoxes, and adds a random starting location!

Permissions and credits
How to install
  • Install QModManager
  • Install SMLHelper
  • Extract this mod into your Subnautica/QMods directory
    • (Optional) Configure the mod in the in-game options menu
    • If you do, make sure to restart the game to apply your changes!
  • Have fun!

Feedback on balancing is greatly appreciated!

Configuring the in-game options menu

  • Choose between "Balanced" and "Chaotic" mode. Balanced will randomise using logic balanced to provide a challenge, but remain fun while avoiding incessant grinding. Chaotic, on the other hand, stays true to its name. Both modes have logic in place to prevent softlocking.
  • Choose your spawn point. You can choose a completely random one, or constrain the biome you'll be placed in. I recommend you choose one of the more accessible early game ones, like grassy plateaus or floating island. Of course, there's always the Void if you're feeling lonely.
  • Choose whether each of the randomiser's main components should be enabled - that being fragments, databoxes and recipes.
  • Choose whether you would like fish, eggs, or seeds to be considered as valid ingredients. For example, your repair tool may suddenly require a
  • peeper!
  • Choose whether vanilla upgrade chains should be respected. If so, the randomiser will preserve the linear progression of e.g. depth upgrades instead of letting you skip ahead as soon as you have the ingredients for the more advanced upgrade.
  • For several categories of items (equipment, tools, and upgrades) you may choose whether the randomiser treats them as ingredients for other recipes:
    • "Never" will not allow them as ingredients at all.
    • "Top-level only" will only allow them for recipes which cannot themselves become ingredients (such as base parts, vehicles, or the rocket.This can cut down on heavily nested recipes.
    • "Unrestricted" will not treat them any differently to, for example, titanium.
  • Click one of the "Randomise with ___ seed" buttons to re-randomise everything. Restart the game to apply your changes.
  • The "Randomise with same seed" button allows you to try out different options while having recipes remain largely the same, or update your game to use a seed you entered manually in your config.json.
  • For more information on config options, including advanced ones in the config.json file, refer to the documentation.

This mod randomises:
  • Most recipes in the game except for decorative base pieces and food/water
  • Fragment spawn rate, locations, required number, and reward for scanning duplicates you already unlocked
  • Blueprints found in databoxes
  • Lifepod spawn location

This mod does not randomise:
  • Food and water recipes
  • Decorative base parts like beds or vending machines
  • Spawn locations of fish and raw materials

What's planned for the future?
  • Spawn locations of fish and raw materials

Known Issues
  • If you use eggs in your run, you will be unable to craft any recipes with an egg until you have identified it by hatching one in an alien containment. This is because the game treats undiscovered and discovered eggs as two completely different items.
  • Sometimes, the game will not update undiscovered eggs found in the wild even after you've already hatched one, and those eggs instead stay undiscovered forever. If this happens, let two fish of that species breed. Any eggs they produce in the alien containment should end up as the proper, discovered variant.


Does this mod work with Subnautica: Below Zero?
No, it is made for the original Subnautica only.

Mod compatibility?
Yesn't. It does not break when you use, e.g., an extra batteries mod, but neither will it automatically randomise that mod's newly added recipes. If you wish to have a mod's recipes included in the logic, you can add them yourself in the recipeInformation.csv in your Subnautica/QMods/SubnauticaRandomiser folder. For instructions on how to do this, take a look at ReadMe-Documentation.txt in that same folder or right here, section 3.
There is one special case you should be aware of. If you have a mod that changes vanilla recipes and that mod gets loaded after the randomiser it will overwrite the changes made by the randomiser and could make those recipes harder or even impossible to unlock. If you do find such a case, please let me know so I can add that mod to the LoadAfter list.

Can I softlock myself?
No, there is logic in place to ensure every run is 100% completeable. However, the randomiser only guarantees one path to your next objective. For example, you may have to get down to the lava zone without getting access to a cyclops first, using only a prawn suit.

I need materials which I don't have the blueprints for?
Several blueprints in the game only unlock when you pick up or manufacture one of their ingredients. Notably, enamelled glass unlocks when you pick up your first stalker tooth or scan an observatory, and plasteel unlocks once you get the blueprint for your first vehicle (Seamoth, Prawn, or Cyclops). Many of the other advanced materials only unlock once you grab their vanilla ingredients (such as Polyaniline when you get your first Deepshroom). If you're still having trouble, feel free to post here and ask for help!

How do I share my seed with a friend?

Navigate to your Subnautica/QMods/SubnauticaRandomiser directory. In it, you'll find a file called config.json. At the very top of this file you'll see "iSeed = " followed by a number. Make your friend copy this number into their own config.json, and start up the game. In the in-game menu, make sure you both have the same settings (Use Fish, Randomise Databoxes, etc.). Then click "Randomise with same seed". Done!
Alternatively, you can also share your entire config.json with them, in which case the randomiser will automatically load everything as soon as they start the game.

Wasn't there already a randomiser?
Yes! Unfortunately, that mod never implemented full randomising of all recipes in the game or any of the other changes I've since added, and has been inactive for a long time. With permission from its original creator, this mod builds on it to provide more features, more randomising, and more fun!


See the handy drop-down list near the top of the page to get the gist of each update. For a full list of changes, see the Github release page.

Source code can be found on GitHub.