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Tired of spawning in the same area? This mod not only lets the pod spawn anywhere, but lets you enjoy a nice freefall from orbit on the way to your new home.

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"That's funny, the damage doesn't look as bad from out here."

Now you can imagine you're on an escape pod drifting down as the Aurora crashes to the planet's surface.

Allows the pod to spawn in a wide range of areas. It can end up on land or sea or even on the Aurora. Highly recommend you add the Accelerated Start mod or another that modifies your starting inventory. This will let you immediately abandon your pod for a base if it lands someone particularly inconvenient.  

Update: You may now select from a list of possible spawn locations using the Options -> Mods menu from Subnautica's start menu.  To use Custom start, first open the included config.txt and type your desired x,y,z coordinates on the indicated line. Then ensure you select 'Custom' from the options menu as your spawn location. Possible spawns include:

  • Random  (Default roughly +/- 1250 coordinates, small chance to spawn in the void)
  • Custom (input coordinates of your choice)
  • Landfall - one of the two islands at random. Either on the land or just off the shoreline
  • Mountain Island
  • Floating Island
  • Safe Shallows - Vanilla start
  • Oasis - The pool in the center of the floating island
  • Dunes

Alterra Corporation's lifepods now utilize a new composite material that allows their hulls to become transparent. This along with some basic gravity drives allow lifepod operators to safely direct their pods through various hazards. Strong nearby light sources will temporarily short out the material, causing it to become near translucent for a time.

Option added to spawn with a broken lifepod that will sink to the bottom wherever it lands.

1.4 introduces the ability to manually drive your pod. To do so stand near or inside the escape pod and hold shift to enable driving. While holding shift WASD will move your escape pod based on where your character is looking, C will cause it to sink, and X will cause it to rise up.  The pod's engines aren't strong enough to keep it airborne without manual control and it will slowly fall downwards, however new buoyancy controls mean that if your pod is underneath a liquid surface it will be able to maintain it's depth.  The Shift keybinding is modifiable from the in game Options->Mod menu.

Landing in strange places can have strange effects. If you land somewhere impossible to play you may need to restart and get a new landing site.

Ensure that you Anchor your pod (default Left-Control) after it settles where you like it. Going out of loading distance of an unanchored pod may cause it to sink into terrain and become unreachable!

Installation Instructions:
Unzip the folder into your Subnautica/QMods directory.   You should see Subnautica/Qmods/UnleashedLifepod/  now containing unleashedlifepod.dll, mod.json, config.txt.

Special thanks to Cattlesquat for finding a working solution to the falling through terrain bug!

Contributors: MrPurple6411, Cattlesquat