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Adds miscellaneous new features for other mods to use via new assets and map/tile properties.

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Esca's Modding Plugins (EMP) adds miscellaneous new features for other mods to use. Mods can control these features by editing EMP's data assets or using new map/tile properties.


1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
2. Download EMP from the Files tab, the GitHub releases page, or ModDrop.
3. Unzip EMP into the Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

If you have other mods that require EMP, then you're all set!

If you want to use EMP features in your own mods, then see the instructions below.

Multiplayer note: All players should install this mod for multiplayer sessions.


For information about using these features in your mods, see the GitHub readme.

Current feature list:

Bed Placement: Allow players to place moveable (furniture) beds at a location. Also includes an option to prevent money loss and NPC "rescue" letters if players run out of stamina at a location.
Custom Order Boards: Create new Special Orders boards that only display orders from a custom category. (See the Data/SpecialOrders asset.)
* Custom Order Boards were commissioned by Lumina/Lumisteria!
Destroyable Bushes: Mark bushes as destroyable at specific locations and/or tiles, allowing players to remove them with any upgraded axe.
Fish Locations: Give locations multiple "zones" with different fish, including fish from other locations. (See the Data/Locations asset.)
Kitchen Features: Allow players to open the cooking menu at non-farmhouse locations, similar to Action kitchen. Also includes an option to allow players to place Mini-Fridges.