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Lots of space on a pleasant oceanfront farm.

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Lots of space on a pleasant oceanfront farm.
It Replaces Four Corners Farm, it has river and ocean fish and same for crab pots, requires "EscasModdingPlugins" mod
Everything is diggable, sprinklers also work on the beach, it has many coconut trees, on the beach you can harvest both beach forage and Supply Crates, It has anti-pet barriers on each staircase, so if you put the coop or barn in the center where the large lake is they won't come out, and blue grass in the center of map.

The version that replaces Farm Four Corners also requires "EscasModdingPlugins" mod and has both river and ocean fish in their
respective locations, the same goes for crab pots.
The version that replaces Farm River has river fish everywhere and does not require "EscasModdingPlugins" mod.
I worked hard to solve the problem and finally found this excellent solution.Thank you all for the patience you have shown!

Hope you like it, enjoy!

I thank in advance anyone who believes that my work deserves at least the time to give a thumbs up.

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