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Graphic replacement for most animals in Stardew Valley

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This mods replaces most animals in Stardew Valley. Pixel Art is made by yours truly!

Cats and Dogs (all variants)

Barn Animals:
Sheep (Sheared and Fluffy)
Brown and White Cows

Coop Animals:
Chickens (all variants)
Duck (white and mallard options)

Wild Birds, Squirrels and Rabbits
Seagulls and Crows
Butterflies and Frogs
Movie Theater Birds

UI for Horse, Pets and Livestock
Pregnancy Icon for Animals
Trash Bear
Emily's Pet Bird
Purple Merchant Pig
Desert Camel
Kids as Doves

This mod is optimized to avoid conflicts but they could still happen if you try using another mod that replaces same files/areas.
My mods are only available here in Nexus Mods and my own Patreon!

-Does this mod work with Adopt 'n' Skin?
You just need to drag and drop the image files into Adopt & Skin and then rename the image file.
For example, rename whitechicken.png to whitechicken_(whatever number).png and whitechick.png to BabyWhiteChicken_(the same number).png.
- by NostalgicPoet

-Are you gonna make more sprites?
Yes! I have NPCs  and a farmer overhaul in the making though
they will be my own rendition and might be different from the vanilla ones.
(also Portraits, yes)

-Can you make separate versions for picking and choosing?
You can now choose the animals you want in the config.json!

-Are there more images?
I avoided posting more images for spoilers of events and updates,
you can still check everything when you download and feel free to upload some pics!