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This mod aims to give Stardew Valley NPCs character development by adding heart events, new schedules, weddings and children.

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Life Cycle
Even though I love playing Stardew Valley, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one progressing in town. This made me decide to make a mod that allows NPCs to date each other and much more.

Each couple has a config.json located in Life Cycle - {Pairing name}/[CP] Life Cycle - {Pairing name}. You'll be able to change the fields 'Version' (allowed values 'dating', 'married', 'family') and 'HaveChildren' (allowed values 'true', 'false'). Please, check first what versions are available for the pairing you're installing.
I recommend downloading the mod Generic Mod Config Menu to switch between versions more easily.

Dating version:
  1. SMAPI and Content Patcher must be installed.
  2. Download the main file and unzip it.
  3. Delete from the folder the pairings you do not want (keep the Craftables folder) and install only one pairing per NPC.
  4. Place the main folder Life Cycle in your Mods folder.

If you're starting a new save and are installing Marnie-Lewis, change the variable for 'Save' from 'old' to 'new'.
If you're installing Emily-Clint and you have seen Emily's 8 hearts event and therefore can't see Clint's 6 hearts event, change the variable for 'Save' from 'old' to 'new'.

Married version:
  1. SMAPIContent Patcher and Mail Framework Mod must be installed.
  2. Make sure you have the folder [CP] Life Cycle - Craftables.
  3. Complete all dating events for the couple you're installing.
  4. Open the config.json and change the variable for 'Version' from 'dating' to 'married'. 

Family version:
I recommend playing married version for at least a couple of in-game weeks before installing the family version to see their married special dialogue.
  1. SMAPIContent Patcher, Custom NPC Fixes and TMXL Map Toolkit must be installed.
  2. Complete dating and wedding events for the couple you're installing.
  3. Open the config.json and change the variable for 'Version' from 'married' to 'family'. 
  4. Check if the paring needs Athanaeri Corner, if it does, download it.
  5. Important!!! If the pairing uses Athanaeri Corner, enter the folder Life Cycle - {Pairing name}/[CP] Life Cycle - {Pairing name}. There'll be .tmx file, drag it to Athanaeri Corner/[TMX] Athanaeri Corner/assets. This is to make sure there's only one map for each house.
  6. If you want them to have children, open the config.json and change the variable for 'HaveChildren' from 'false' to 'true'.


  • New heart events (canon pairings are all finally done :) ).
  • New dialogue lines after every event for the couple.
  • After the 8 heart event is triggered, the couple's schedules change and they will occasionally meet up.
  • Also, after the 8 heart event, new dialogue lines are added to their family, that depends on your heart level with them.
  • Optional wedding event.
  • Optional living together version. If you install this version, the pairing and their families will have dinner together once a month.
  • Optional children.

Available pairings:
Dating version:

Married version:


Family version:

Heart events info:
Penny and Sam

Maru and Harvey

Emily and Clint

Marnie and Lewis

Haley and Leah

Abigail and Sebastian

Alex and Haley

Elliott and Leah

Emily and Shane

Future updates:
I really enjoyed making this mod, but I also realized that modding takes a lot of time and right now I'm very busy with school. Nevertheless, I plan to make updates for more couples and even add friendly/family events for other NPCs. If you any suggestions, leave a post to let me know!

  • Please Remember My Birthday: compatible for dating and married version.
  • Stardew Valley Expanded: compatible.
  • Town Gossip: not compatible unless you delete the Marnie-Lewis folder.
  • The Ranch Expansion: not yet tested.
  • Multiple Spouses: compatible.
  • Boarding House: compatible.
  • Town School: compatible.
  • Ridgeside Village: compatible.
Note that if some of your mods edit maps, the NPCs might break through objects or stand in places where new objects were added.

Special thanks:
Thanks to petriatnexus for helping me check the dialogues, to Lucypandyleo for helping me create Athanaeri Corner and being my pixel art helper, to Lemurkat for answering my doubts about modding and to richardtrle for helping me writing some dialogues! :)

If you enjoy playing with my mods, please consider buying me a coffee 

This is the first mod that I've ever made and English is not my first language, so if there's any bug or some dialogues are not well written, please let me know. I hope you enjoy even more your experience in Stardew Valley with this mod!