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Elliott dialogue and event tweaks and expansion that adds onto his writing process and career.

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Ever wished Elliott talked more about what writing a book is actually like?  Ever wanted his career to be a bit happier?  Are you a writer who finds the portrayal of publishing and writing in vanilla Stardew Valley to be a bit off-base?  Here it is, the mod for people that love writing almost as much as they love Elliott.

This mod:
  • adds daily dialogue in which Elliott talks about writing, starting at 2 hearts and at every even heart level, that can be viewed by visiting Elliott at his home
  • tweaks his 4, 6, 8, 10 and 14 heart events to reflect what a more typical career path for a debut writer would look like
  • rewrites the contents and plot scenarios of his books to be more like what you'd find in a bookstore
  • adds some additional letters at even heart levels.  It seems Elliott is also writing to other people around town and over the ridge....

  • Now compatible with Platonic Partnerships and Friends!
  • Before you ask: yes, I think this is compatible with SVE again.
  • This mod only adds new dialogue within Elliott's house, so it should be compatible with other dialogue mods as long as they don't do the same. To my knowledge, Canon Friendly and farmerjack's dialogue do not.
  • Not compatible with any mods that tweak Elliott's vanilla events - if you know of any that do so, let me know and I can talk to the other author about compatibility patches.
  • Compatible with Ridgeside Village (adds a couple of penpals for Elliott among the Ridgeside NPCs)
  • In his four heart event, Elliott will buy you an ale regardless of gender, but if you'd rather he didn't, Atra's Interaction Tweaks gives you the choice to request a nonalcoholic drink and works with this mod!

  • THANK YOU to HimeTarts, as well as Lumina and atravita in the Stardew discord, for helping debug my events. I'm gonna have event-based nightmares....