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Makes the Wizard fully romanceable and marriageable, complete with 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10-heart events. Builds off of haywrites' Narrative Overhaul mod and fully compatible with all portrait mods.

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If you like my mod and you like DCBurger's art, consider supporting them (They've been through some shit over their mod).

This mod builds off of the Wizard Narrative Overhaul mod by haywrites to make the new, narrative-overhauled Wizard a marriage candidate. Essentially, I've taken haywrites' mod and expanded it with heart events and unique post-marriage dialogue to make his version of the Wizard romanceable. This mod is fully portrait-mod compatible, which means you can use whichever Wizard appearance you like best (including the vanilla one). I use DCBurger's Portrait Mod, which is what you see in the images, but it is not necessary; the mod will work with or without it (note that this does mean the Wizard only gets two expressions).

  • Fully romanceable Wizard.
  • 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10-heart events with the Wizard.
  • Everything from Wizard Narrative Overhaul.
  • 70+ new lines of post-marriage dialogue for the Wizard.
  • New festival dialogue for the Wizard (it changes, based on your heart level with him).
  • Compatible with any portrait mod!
  • Purple-haired babies.

  • This mod includes haywrites' Wizard Narrative Overhaul mod. This means that all of the pre-marriage dialogue for the Wizard comes from his mod (with some minor modifications to the ten-heart dialogue). You do not need both.

Install Instructions:

Unzip and copy both folder ([CP] Romanceable Rasmodius and [TMX] Wizard Spouse Room) into your StardewValley\Mods folder
Make sure you have TMX and PyTK installed

Looking for Love: Currently, Romanceable Rasmodius and LfL edit the same parts of the Wizard's character, and will override each other (which causes bad things to happen with events). You can use LfL and Romanceable Rasmodius if you only want to make the other LfL characters dateable. Simply configure LfL so that "Date Wizard" is "false" and both mods will run. 
Porcelain's Wizard: Fully compatible. Simply edit the config.json file so that "Sprite" is "custom", and install Porcelain's sprite and portrait as normal.

Configuration Options:
  1. Overwrite Generic Dialogue: There is an option to overwrite some of the generic marriage/romance dialogue. In the vanilla game, all spouses will say the same lines in certain circumstances (eg, everyone says the same thing when you give them the bouquet or the pendant, and there are post-marriage lines that everyone has a random chance of saying). I have replaced all of these with more Wizard-appropriate lines, so that they fit with his persona. This is disabled by default; if you choose to enable it, note that all the generic dialogue is overwritten, which means that if you marry someone else while this is enabled, that NPC will also say the lines I wrote for the Wizard.
  2. If you do want to use it (don't worry, it's not permanent and it's easy to turn on and off) simply edit the config.json file inside the mod folder; change "false" to "true".
  3. Wizard Babies: If you want purple haired babies, open the config.json file and set "Wizard Babies" to "true".
  4. Wizard Sprites: This mod is set up to use the vanilla sprite by default. If you want to use my custom sprite (designed to fit with DCBurger's Wizard), open config.json and set "Sprite" to "new". If you want to use a different sprite from a different mod, instead set "Sprite" to "custom", which will disable the sprite update from this mod, and allow you to install whichever sprite update you want, independently.

Triggering the Heart Events:
  • 2 hearts: Enter the Wizard's tower at any time of day.
  • 4 hearts: Go to the mountain, after 8pm. (Note: This event requires at least 1 heart with Linus to trigger.)
  • 6 hearts: Enter the forest after 8am when it's sunny. (Note: This event requires 2 hearts with Leah to trigger.)
  • 8 hearts: Enter the Wizard's tower at any time of day.
  • 10 hearts: Once you give the Wizard the bouquet and reach 10 hearts, you should receive a letter in the mail the following day, asking you to meet him in the secret woods. Go there between 8am and 5pm after reading the note.

Coming Soon:
  • Festival Locations: The Wizard doesn't attend all of the town festivals, and others he's present at but inaccessible. Working on moving him around so you can actually talk to him.
  • Portrait Compatibility: include compatibility for multi-expression portraits, for those portrait mods that support such. Someone had already done this (check the comments for a drive link), but I'm going to try to make it a little more convenient to install.
  • 14 Heart Event