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Add depth to your stories with the option to Repeat events over and over as you need them! Now integrates with Content Patcher!!

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To Install Event Repeater:
  • Install SMAPI
  • Install Content Patcher (The Mod itself doesn't need it.. but Event Repeater Mods will)
  • Download and Unzip this Mod into the Mods Folder

6.5.5 Mail and Response Monitoring and Mailbox Monitor
This version adds a console alert when a MailID is added to your seen list as well as ResponseIDs.. there is a caveat for the latter: If the question's ResponseID is -1 or you've already seen the response without removing it or the question doesn't use the $q format. This feature will also inform you if a MailID or ResponseID was removed.  
Also, you will have Active Mailbox monitoring.  This will send a console message of MailIDs contained in your mailbox.  This is useful for debugging purposes.  As such a new console command was added: fastmail <mailID> will immediately send mail to your mailbox, no waiting for tomorrow.

6.5.1 Temporarily disabling the need for dependency:
It has occured to me that a lot of modders haven't had time to add the dependency to their mods.  For the current update, I'm removing the need and urge all Modders who use Event Repeater to add the dependency.  Please view the Modder's Documentation if you wish to read on it.  I will probably add it back in after I am sure a good measure of mods are ready.
6.5.0 Adds GMCM support along with some efficiency improvements!
  • New ways to use Event Repeater: Working on the documentation right now, but it should still work in the classic way as well.
  • GMCM: you can now configure the hotkeys made in 6.4.7 to suit your needs
6.4.8 Oops, I messed up!!
In my haste to make a new function, I messed up the commands.  But I fixed it!  Here's what this fast fix changes:
  • Emergency Skip uses the proper command: The command stopevent was what is used for modders. emergencyskip  is just an default skip.
  • Normal Skip has a hotkey: Press ALT + S to skip an event normally.
  • Emergency Skip has it's features expanded: Now the event log will place a label on the event command you engaged the skip.  It will also have a SMAPI error stating the command you had to interrupt.  Emergency Skip will also remove the event from your seen list a few seconds after the event stops.  You can reenter the map to execute the event again.
6.4.7 adds two hotkeys: CTRL + S and CTRL + I!!
These are shortcuts to emergencyskip and showinfo.  
EmergencySkip Update!
Making an event that broke in testing?  Press CTRL + S or use the console command to interrupt the event and a dump of the event command list will be placed in the Stardew Valley Folder.  Use this to find the culprit, or send it to experts for evaluation!
6.4.3 adds new commands and convenience to event editing and more
New Console were created to further help you:
  • stopevent will interrupt an event.. it doesn't work like skip.. you need to use eventforget to reset the event
  • emergencyskip this will interrupt the event, but also set the required flags for game progression
  • showinfo toggles in game information.
Added ingame/console information: When an event is started, the console and, if enabled (enabled by default), the game as a hud message will tell you the event ID some alerts will show in game as well.6.4 adds a new command for events; timeAdvance
Give your events more weight by making time pass.. see Modder's Manual for more information.

Event Repeater v6 now adds 3 new event commands for finer repeating!
see the modder's manual for more information.

New commands added make it possible to make events repeatable as if they were modded to do so!
The new install requirements are both Content Patcher and SMAPI

For detailed information on how to create mods with Event Repeater, see the Modder's Manual.

You can also find me in my Cozy Apartment for more active support!

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Special thanks to Atravita for improving the base code <3