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Adds the Mandalorian and Grogu as NPCs.

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Adds everyone's favorite space dad and son, along with the Razor Crest parked somewhere in town.

- 2 new NPCs (Mando and Grogu)
- 2 new locations + new spouse room
- New heart events and repeatable marriage events
- Other Mandalorian items (surprise!)


======================RAZOR CREST

Mando and Grogu live in the Razor Crest, landed in the Bus Stop. After marriage, the Grogu NPC will disappear and the current farm animal (cat or dog) will be replaced with Grogu, who will wander the farm. Grogu will still go out with Mando on Tuesdays and Fridays.

======================MANDO and GROGU

Birthday: Winter 28
Loves: Fried Mushroom, Orange, Iridium Bar
Hates: Flowers
Movie Snack Preference: Sour

Birthday: Fall 23
Loves: Strange Bun, Cookie, Strawberry
Movie Snack Preference: Sweet



Spring: 6:00am Razor Crest (various); 12:00pm Town bridge by the library; 4:00pm Town playground; 8:00pm head back to the Razor Crest.
Summer: 6:00am Razor Crest (various); 10:00am west side of the Beach; 5:00pm Beach docks; 8:00pm head back to the Razor Crest.
Fall: 6:00am Razor Crest (various); 12:00pm Mountain near the railroad entrance; 6:00pm Mountain by the water; 8:00pm head back to the Razor Crest.
Winter: 6:00am Razor Crest (various); 7:00am Forest near the entrance to the Farm; 8:00pm head back to the Razor Crest.
Rain: 6:00am Razor Crest (various); 10:00am Town near the Dr.'s office; 5:00pm Saloon; 9:00pm head back to the Razor Crest.


Tuesday: 9:00am leave the FarmHouse and head to the west end of the Beach; 5:00pm Town just west of the main square; 8:00pm head for home.
Friday: 8:00am leave the FarmHouse and head to the Razor Crest; 4:00pm Saloon; 9:00pm head for home.

======================HEART EVENTS

2 hearts :: Enter the Bus Stop before 8pm when it's not raining.
4 hearts :: Enter the Mountain after 9pm when it's not raining.
6 hearts :: Enter the cockpit of the Razor Crest after 8pm.
(This event is repeatable until you are married.)
8 hearts :: Will trigger the morning after you reach 8 hearts.
10 hearts :: Enter the forest after 9pm when it's not raining.
After Marriage :: Enter the FarmHouse.
12 hearts :: Part 1 will trigger the morning after you reach 12 hearts and direct you to enter the cockpit of the Razor Crest after 9pm.
14 hearts :: Enter the FarmHouse after 9am when it's not raining. Must have already upgraded the FarmHouse twice.

======================MARRIAGE EVENTS (a lil' spicy)

Each night after marriage has the chance of triggering a go to bed event when you enter the FarmHouse after 9pm. You will be asked if you want to go to bed (which will show the event, END the day, and save) or stay up. The events repeat, so choosing to stay up will not cause you to miss an event in the future. There are 2 possible versions of the event each season. One of the spring events only occurs the night of the Flower Dance.

======================SPOUSE ROOM

Mando's spouse room is blank to allow you you to put whatever furniture you want. There is currently no support for changes, but you are welcome to edit the map.


It is highly recommended to use only with a new save, to prevent issues.
This mod has not been tested for compatibility with other mods, so may not work with other Bus Stop map edits.


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