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Add a new npc Rydell

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  • Portuguese
The following translation is machine translation
Thank you for the beautification of Rydell provided by "盛唐年间一颗煤炭"! It's really beautiful. I'm not good at drawing. I hope you like her version!
Adding a mermaid NPC Rydell, Rydell is a mermaid prince.One day, he noticed by the player on the beach, he lives in the player's house because of amnesia.According to your choice, you can play six different ending. You can choose not to let him live in your home then it will open another story line. But now, the other story line only two event. This story line has not been completed. So it is not recommended to play this line. Since the mod is based on the coordinate of the frist-time upgrade farmhouse(No Nursery Room), all the events before marriage should be completed in the frist-time upgrade farmhouse. I will revise and put the version suitable for the second-time upgrade farmhouse in two days. Mod has two r18 mature events, you can choose whether to play, default is off state, if to open, please change the "n" in config file to "y".The initial state can't get married, only play a good ending to become NPC that can marry.
Favorite: opal, Ocean Stone, Malachite, Kyanite, rainbow shell, aquamarine.
All Universal's favorite items are all gifts that Rydell hates.
First event: it will only be triggered on the beach from 9 am to 5:30 PM on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th of the spring. If you miss, you can only trigger in the second year.
1 heart:晴天,9am~4pm在沙滩触发,需要先修好断桥
2 heart:4pm~8pm回家,选择和他说话触发给瑞德尔买绘本的事件
3 heart:6pm~9pm回家,绘本事件1
4 heart:晴天,8am~1pm在农场触发,这个事件的回答会影响结局,不和瑞德尔说话基本都会触发坏结局,需要触发过2 heart event
6 heart:4pm~8pm回家,绘本事件2(是否打出这个事件对结局有影响)
cat event:8am~11am回家,需要触发过2 heart event,养猫触发
7 heart:晴天,7pm~10pm在公交站触发
8 heart:晴天,7心的后续事件,需要先收到伊芙琳的信件,3pm~7pm在伊芙琳家中触发
9 heart:1pm~6pm回家,8心的后续事件,这个事件的选择对结局有影响
10 heart:4pm~8pm回家,这个事件的问答决定与瑞德尔的结局
10 heart:结局1,2的后续过度事件,12am~3pm回家
10 heart:结局1后续,6pm~10pm回家
10 heart:结局2后续,3pm~8pm,法师塔
6 heart:4pm~9pm回家
6 heart:星期一,星期四,星期天8pm~11pm回家,循环事件,会一直触发

The event table:

Go home without Rydell:
1 Heart: Sunny,  beach,9am~4pm

Take Rydell home:
2 heart: farmhouse, 4pm~8pm, and choose to talk with him to trigger the event of buying picture books for Rydell
3 heart: farmhouse, 6pm~9pm, picture book event 1
4 heart: sunny, farm ,8am ~1pm. The answer to this event will affect the outcome. Not talking to Raeder will almost trigger a bad outcome, so 2 heart events should be triggered
6 heart: 4pm~8pm,farmhouse, picture book event 2 (whether this event affects the ending or not)
Cat events: 8am ~11am,farmhouse,2 heart events need to be triggered
7 heart: busstop ,7pm~10pm , sunny
8 heart: sunny, 7 heart follow-up event, need to receive Evelyn's letter first, joshhouse,3pm~7pm
9 heart: 1pm~6pm ,farmhouse, 8 heart follow-up events, the choice of this event has an impact on the outcome
10 heart: 4pm~8pm,farmhouse, the event of the Q&A decided with the outcome of Rydell
Ending 1: go out without talking, take out the picture book of fairy tale when Rydell wants to leave, Rydell becomes marriageable in this ending
Ending 2: Go out to talk, take out the picture book of fairy tale when Rydell is about to leave, Rydell becomes marriageable in this ending
Ending 3: don't talk out of the door, take out the tokens when Rydell wants to leave, Rydell clears his favor and remains unmarried
Ending 4: Go out to talk, take out the token when Rydell wants to leave, Rydell reduces one heart favor, become marriable
Ending 5: Leaving the house without a word, without any props, Rydell clears his mind and leaves the farm with memories
Ending 6: Going out and talking, without any props, Rydell becomes marriable in the end
10 heart: subsequent transition events of outcome 1,2, 12am~3pm home
10 heart: Ending 1 follow up, 6pm~10pm farmhouse
10 Heart: Ending 2 follows, 3pm~8pm Wizardhouse

18 x events:
6 heart: 4pm~9pm farmhouse
6 heart: Monday, Thursday, Sunday 8pm~11pm, farmhouse, recurring events, will always trigger