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A variety of fairy string lights to decorate your farm. They emit light, and you can walk under them! ✩ For Solid Foundations.

Permissions and credits

Decorative fairy string lights to build on your farm.

They emit light at night! ✨

You can also pass underneath them!
(The Small size you can only pass under on the right side since it is only 2 tiles wide)

There are currently 13 different skins to choose from, some being animated!
The lights come in 3 different sizes, 3 different base colors (Dark/Light/Vanilla) and can be purchased from Robin as buildable structures on the farm.

You can cycle through the skin options using this button in the carpenter menu at Robin's:
(I included a larger picture in the Images section)

⚠️ When moving or demolishing the string lights you need to select the pole stands. ⚠️
For the small size string lights you must select the left pole.

I HIGHLY recommend using Smart Building with this mod so that you can place furniture/craftables/etc. on the lights in the restricted tiles.



1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
2. Install Solid Foundations.
3. Download the "(SF) Shyzie's String Lights" mod and unzip it into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

4. Enjoy!


HUGE Credit

The animated Gemstone lights were created using assets from Undare's Animated Gemstones. Thank you for giving me permission to use them! ♡
I use the DGA version, which I added a link to in the mod list below.

The Beach lights were created using assets from Croquette's Beach Shell Road Retexture. Thank you for allowing for secondary edits and distributions! ♡

The Firefly lights were heavily influenced by Mafi's Preserves Jar Retexture. ♡

The Colorful Star lights were heavily influenced by Delotti's Star Furniture. ♡


My mods used

Medieval Daphne's Ice Cream Truck

Animated Festive Winter Tree (Simple Foliage)

Medieval Themed Sheds


Other mods used

(This is a long list!)
Some of these mods will require a Naver account. There are guides on how to do this on the SDV Discord.

DaisyNiko's Earthy Recolour

Simple Foliage

Foliage Redone

Decorative Bushes

Whale Tree

Kaya's Korea Blossom

PPJA More Trees

PPJA More Trees Retextured

Magic Tree Roots

Buildable Large Trees

Wildflower Grass

Seasonal Path and Flooring

Gwen's Paths

Medieval Buildings

Gwen's Medieval Craftables

Cottagecore Fences

Kaya's Fence Pack

Eemie's Flowers

Delotti's Flower Retexture

Delotti's Moon Farm & Star Furniture

Daphne's Buildable Ice Cream Truck

Flower Power Furniture

Lumisteria DGA Furniture

Furniture Redone... Redone

Witchy Decorations

StarAmy's Wild Greenhouse Furniture

IdaIda's Furniture Recolor

Magical Witchy Kitchen and Furniture

Better Gemstones and Minerals Animated (DGA)

Animated Gemstones (DGA)

Pokemon Dolls

Goddess Statue Obelisks

Yellog's Dark Wood and Cream Furniture

Yellog's Pink and Soft Furniture
(The mod has been taken down, and I am unsure if the author has provided permission for distribution, so you will have to search for the mod just like I did. Good luck!)


Custom mods used

The gem tables I edited to be a darker wood color. They are from Furniture Redone... Redone.

The seasonal Menu Stands I created (for personal use only) using assets from Cosy Cafe.

Most of the GIFs were created using a map editing program just for showcase purposes, and are not actually real maps that can be used.
For my layouts, I use Immersive Farm Remastered 2 from Stardew Valley Expanded (in the Files section).
The moon map was created by Delotti.


My full personal mod list can be found here. 🌈✨