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This mod is a content pack for Custom Furniture. It uses Yellog's beautiful Dark Wood and Cream Furniture mod and adds the pieces as new furniture in the game rather than replacing the vanilla furniture.

Permissions and credits
This mod, in concert with Custom Furniture, will add almost 150 pieces of furniture to your game! They will be purchasable at Robin's shop, or available through the item catalogue. They do not spawn in with the CJB Item Spawner at this time.


Thanks to Yellog for giving my permission to convert this mod into a CF content pack! The furniture is beautiful, and I love that I can bring it to people in this format. 

Thanks to Kay for being amazing and doing all of the detail work after I finished the code. She did what I consider to be the hard part of the mod - names, prices, and descriptions of all the items! I'm truly impressed with her work and blessed that she volunteered to do it for me! <3 

This mod is best used with the optional file: It turns the Farmhouse Tiles into darker wood alternatives, which look much better with the furniture in this pack. It converts the trim, kitchen furniture, and bed to a darker wood alternative via Content Patcher. See Images for preview.

To use both mods together, unzip them directly into your StardewValley/Mods folder. They will work independently of one another.

Update History:

Optional File 2.0: I originally accidentally uploaded the wrong .zip file, so I fixed that. Only 2 people downloaded the wrong one. An Update notification should have been sent out to them to replace the file.