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an Alternative Textures pack for much of the furniture. this is the AT version of my older Furniture Redone mod, with some additional new textures as well.

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this is an update, more or less, to my old Furniture Redone mod. i made that mod so long ago that i forgot about it it was before we moved away from using xnb replacements! it was five years ago... and i thought i was slow updating my Peachy Objects mod. ToT

well anyway, this mod includes all the textures from my old one, plus a bunch of new ones that i apparently made and forgot about.
there are way more textures than shown in the previews - those are just a selection. not every piece of furniture has a replacement, but a lot do. admittedly almost nothing from the 1.5 stardew update, as i no longer have interest in continuing the exact palette/style in this mod so i didn't add them. i did add the beds though! yay?

oh, and since i made the original textures years ago i should point out the textures for the mahogany dining table might be confusing. it has "chairs" in the texture but you can't sit in them. i made it before we could sit on furniture (good lord) so it wasn't potentially confusing at the time... :'D

this is was my first time even using alternative textures, let alone making a mod for it. so if something isn't right, please let me know!