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Animate 58 gemstones, nodes, geodes and crystals while making them more sharp looking. And the rest of the minerals and bars, ores with the same style as static ones

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Animated Gemstones
Dynamic Game Assets Conversion by GaLaxY256

This is the Dynamic Game Assets conversion of undare's Animated Gemstones mod, featuring 58 animations added for gemstones and minerals with the rest static (no animated). This conversion has little to no performance hit compared to Content Patcher Animations.
(If you only want to use all static, check out Sharp Gemstones from undare)


  • Every gemstone can be enabled/disabled by editing config.json generated after running the game with mod installed. For the ease of changing config though, it is recommended to use GMCM(linked above) instead of manually editing config.json.

  • At the moment, config options doesn't seem to work. I don't know which caused that but I am not sure I can fix this.
  • You can only use one DGA pack and the game will not load multiple DGA pack that modifies the same type of icons (e.g. Animated Gemstones and Better Gemstones Animated will not work when used together.)
(Also please endorse this mod if you love it as it helps me a lot <3 )