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Generates higher tier outputs from Bone Mills.

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This mod was created mostly to make the Dig Site on Ginger Island have more of a purpose. By the time you finally get reliable Bone Fragments, you're starting to look toward endgame fertilizers. Yet, the Bone Fragments get turned into weak fertilizers in the Bone Mill. This mod gives Bone Mills the following production odds, and of course also works on all types of bones:

Clay: 30% chance for 1-10 (a balancing factor to reduce the chances of the endgame fertilizers, but also helpful for Fiber Seed crafting)
Tree Fertilizer: 25% chance for 5-6 (average same as vanilla)
Deluxe Retaining Soil: 15% chance for 1-3
Deluxe Fertilizer: 15% chance for 1-2
Hyper Speed-Gro: 15% chance for 1

As a frame of reference for those wondering if they should add this to their game, I got the following values when milling pretty much all of the saved bones from a 2 year playthrough:

159 Clay
41 Tree Fertilizer
34 Deluxe Retaining Soil
15 Deluxe Fertilizer
18 Hyper Speed Gro

Your results may vary.

Happy digging!


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