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Causes NPCs to give you better gifts during the Feast of the Winter Star.

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Ever gotten 1 piece of Clay from the Feast of the Winter Star? Now, the Grinch has taught us that the holiday isn't all about material objects, but it would be nice to cap off the season with a little more joy!

This mod makes it so that any NPC has a guaranteed item they will give you for their gift - there is no list of possibilities, just a guaranteed gift with a certain NPC.

Generally speaking, the gifts are more interesting, and more valuable, however there are still some relative "duds" and some "jackpots" - if there weren't, the good ones wouldn't feel as special. The sell prices of the gifts are generally about 1,500.

The chance of getting a Tea Set in a given year is raised from around 5% to around 17%.

Without further ado, here is the list:

Gift List

Abigail: 100 Slime
3 Maple Bars
Caroline: 1 Tea Set
Clint: 100 Coal
Elliott: 1 Tea Set
Emily: 1 Prismatic Shard
Evelyn: 1 Tea Set
Demetrius: 1 Rare Seed
George: 5 Cranberry Candies
Gus: 3 Lucky Lunches
Haley: 1 Pink Cake
Harvey: 3 Life Elixirs
Jas: 3 Fairy Dusts
Jodi: 1 Pumpkin Pie
Kent: 50 Mega Bombs
Leah: 1 Tea Set
Leo: 5 Dragon Teeth
Lewis: 1 Tea Set
Linus: 100 Wild Baits
Marnie: 1 Lucky Purple Shorts
Maru: 3 Battery Packs
Pam: 1 Glazed Yams
Penny: 1 Dinosaur Egg
Pierre: 15 Strawberry Seeds
Robin: 999 Wood
Sam: 1 Pizza
Sebastian: 1 Chocolate Cake
Shane: 12 Large Eggs
Vincent: 1 Rabbit's Foot
Willy: 1 Seafoam Pudding

Any comments/suggestions/bug reports, I am happy to hear them.

Requires Custom Winter Star Gifts
Not compatible with any other mod that requires Custom Winter Star Gifts which affects the same NPCs


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