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Are you tired of pigs and truffle oil? want to try another lifestyle but you still need money? well, look no further, this mod balances animal products relative to crop income with no overpowered options.

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MOVED TO Balanced Valley

Animals are cute and fun but useless in terms of money and progress

this mod rebalances animal product prices so you don't have to go for pigs every time you play!
with this mod, you can make a really good profit from any type of animal
you can even escape crop life and turn your farm into a Full-Time Ranch.


↬ Balanced Mode ↫
- Balanced animal product prices on a vanilla bases

- this mode is meant to be used with my other mods for a balanced playthrough, using balanced mode across all of them and the farming mode of your liking
Balanced Valley - Realistic Farming
Balanced Valley - Fishing
Balanced Valley - Mining
however, you can still use it without them

↬ Better Profit Mode ↫
- Makes you get a really good profit from any kind of animals

- More profitable & more balanced than vanilla 
- profit wise focused & less balanced than balanced mode

↬ Spreadsheet data ↫
(you can check and compare all changes here)

↬ Better Grass ↫
- grass now costs 2 fibers to craft


Ostrich and Golden Mayo [true, false] default is true
this will enable/disable the balance of Ostrich and Golden Mayo when you have the required mod installed

Balance Mode [Balanced, Better Profit] default is Balanced
this will change the balance mode


Content Patcher
Generic Mod Config Menu (optional if you want to edit the mode in-game)
Ostrich Mayo and Golden Mayo (optional for a better experience)

Compatible with any mod that doesn't change animal product prices
tested with Animal Husbandry and walk of life and some other popular mods (not tested with BFAV but should work fine)
Compatible with mobile and multiplayer (all players need to install the mod)
some recommendations for a better experience
these are some mods I personally use and I think you'll have a wonderful playthrough if you decided to try this lifestyle
Walk Of Life OR Quality Artisan Products (you can't use both)
Auto Animal Doors
Animal Husbandry Mod
Special Orders for Auto-Petter
Better Hay
Animal Social Menu
Animals Need Water
Animals Die
Farm Animal Choices
and yeah, I hope you enjoy your balanced life!
please don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have a question or any ideas to improve this mod
Take care!