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This mod fleshes out Marlon and Gunther, giving them schedules that they follow, dialogue, birthdays, heart events, and more. You can befriend them and give them gifts.

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Updated to work with 1.5. The bone fragments event has been fixed and the map will now load correctly. The winter event glitch where Gunther didn't show up has been fixed as well. If there are any other issues, please report them as bugs and I'll look into them. This mod is being actively updated again.

Have you ever wondered who Marlon and Gunther really are? Or what their stories are? They're both named characters who seem important to the town, but you can't friend either of them, give them gifts, or even talk to them. They never move except during the few events they're in. Befriend Marlon and Gunther fleshes out these two interesting characters, giving them backstories that you can slowly learn about as you become better friends with them, heart events that give you a deeper look into their stories, daily dialogue, gift tastes, and more.

This mod makes a number of changes to the game. It's primarily run through SMAPI, so it requires the newest edition of SMAPI. 

Marlon's birthday is Fall 8 and Gunther's is Spring 22.


This mod is not compatible with SVE or any other mod that edits the same maps (the museum and adventurer's guild maps).


Just unzip the file then drag BefriendMarlonAndGunther and BefriendWinterFix into your Mods folder, found inside your app package (on Macs) or inside the StardewValley folder (on Windows).

That's all! Enjoy befriending Marlon and Gunther!


Thanks to everyone in the Discord for helping me out with all my countless questions and problems. A huge thanks to EternalWraith - I couldn't have done any of this without you.

Thanks to PathosChild for updating the mod to work without XNB edits.

Thanks to HopeWasHere for creating much better-looking sprites than I'd originally created.