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Go on dates with your spouse! Do you ever feel like your marriage has gotten boring after a while? This mod adds repeatable dates to try and add some spice to your married life!

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Please remove the previous version completely before installing the updated version.


Hope you enjoy the update! I tested all the events multiple times so there shouldn't be any issues, but please please comment if you get a bug/error! Also, thanks to everyone who submitted date ideas! You are all so creative! I will definitely take inspiration from these for future updates!

Something I noticed about marriage in this game is that after you see your Spouse's 14-Heart Event, there's no more showcases of your relationship or bond together. 

This mod aims to fix that! It adds events where you can spend time with your spouse on a date.

Currently, there are many generic dates for all Spouses and even some spouse-unique dates, but I have planned more, including unique dates for each of the Vanilla Spouse Candidates and even more generic dates.

This page is for the English version. If you want another language, please check the list of currently translated languages at the bottom of this page.

You can request/suggest different dates for specific spouses (or just generic ones) in the form linked below. This will help me immensely as I plan to expand on this mod a lot to provide a lot more variety to the married/dating life in Stardew Valley! All suggestions will be looked at, so please feel free to share your ideas! (Thank you RememberEmber for this idea!)

Click Here To Share Your Date Ideas!

This mod has three requirements:

SMAPI by Pathoschild
Content Patcher by Pathoschild
Event Repeater by MissCoriel

This mod will not work without these mods.

There is a 10% (configurable) chance that your Spouse will ask for a date every day if you have at least 10 hearts (configurable) with them. The date request will be initiated once you leave the farmhouse.

There are currently the following different types of dates that your Spouse can ask you for. You can view the details for them below.

Generic Dates (All Spouses):





There are currently these config options that you can edit in the config.json file created after running your game with the mod installed or by using Generic Mod Config Menu:

DateAskPercentChance: Change the % chance that your spouse will ask for a date every day. Can be any % chance from 0 (disables asking for a date) to 100 (spouse will ask for a date every day). [Default: 10%]

: Change the minimum number of hearts required with your spouse for them to ask you on a date. Can be any number 0 (will ask you even if they hate you) to 14 hearts (will only ask after you become soulmates). [Default: 10 Hearts]

: Change the amount of friendship received with your spouse if you go on a date with them. 'none' will disable any friendship bonuses, 'small' will increase friendship by 25 points (1/10 of a heart), 'medium' increases by 50 points (2/10 of a heart), and large increases by 100 points (4/10 of a heart). [Default: medium]

SuggestiveEndings: Enable/Disable suggestive endings for your dates. These endings are not NSFW, but they can be disabled if you would rather keep it PG. [Default: true]

AllowRoommateDates: Enable/Disable being asked on a date by a platonic roommate. Currently supports Krobus (vanilla), Apples (Stardew Valley Expanded), Mr. Ginger (Mister Ginger - Cat NPC), and Juna (Juna - Roommate NPC). NOTE: This does not make events platonic, just simply undoes the block that prevents them from occurring. The dialogue will still be heavily romantic for now. If you have a roommate not supported, please make a post on the mod page and I'll be happy to add compatibility! [Default: false]. 

: Enable/Disable being asked on a date on a festival day. Usually many areas are closed or off-limits on festival days, making it impossible for you to complete the date if asked. Enabling this will allow dates to be asked on a date with a festival, even if you won't be able to complete it. When disabled, dates will never be asked on every festival day (except the Night Market). Works on every vanilla festival and the two new Ridegside Village festivals. [Default: false]

UniqueDateChance: Choose the chance that, when asked on a date, it will be a spouse-unique date (given the spouse has the chance of asking specific date event). This will not affect anything if your spouse has no unique dates yet. If set to 0, disables spouse-specific unique dates. If set to 100, disables generic dates for spouses with specific events (if your spouse does not have any unique dates yet they will still ask for generic dates). [Default: 25%]

LibraryDateCutscene: Enable/Disable the book cutscene section of the library date. I recommend seeing it at least once, but if you would like to cut it out to make the dates overall shorter, you can disable this after. [Default: true]

: Enable/Disable certain vanilla spouses from asking you on a date. Works well with mods like Platonic Partners and Friendships, if you have a platonic housemate that is usually romanceable. If an NPC has this set to true, then this NPC will never ask you on a date. [Default: false for all]

GenderedDialogue: Enable gendered dialogue for dialogue used in Date Night events. Note: Due to the large number of dialogues in this mod, I was unable to catch all dialogue errors, so please inform me if you encounter any strange dialogue! [Default set to false]

This mod should be compatible with most mods. Here are some popular ones:

Stardew Valley Expanded: Fully Compatible. The map changes do not affect anything with the events, and all custom spouses (ex: Victor, Sophia) will ask you on dates and attend the dates as expected.

Ridgeside Village: Fully Compatible. All custom spouses should ask/attend dates.

Looking for Love: Compatible will all Spouses.

Free Love / Multiple Spouses / Polyamory Mods: Should be compatible, however, I believe only your most recent Spouse or your "official" Spouse will ask you on dates. You can change this in Free Love by giving the spouse you want to go on a date with a Boquet.

Other Custom Spouses: Should be fully compatible with all custom spouses (including SVE and RSV spouses). As of update 1.2.0, all mods that make vanilla characters romanceable are fully compatible as well.

Sprite and Portrait Edits: Should be fully compatible. 

Map Edits: I cannot guarantee that the events work with mods that edit the maps of the vanilla areas (except for SVE, which I tested and made sure compatible). If you find something odd, please make a bug report! Worst case, the game shouldn't break, but the events may glitch, freeze, or just look weird (NPCs walking into objects, etc.).If you find a conflict with a map mod, please tell me which mod it was  and I will be more than happy to add compatibility for that mod.

Multiplayer: Should be fully compatible when married to an NPC. Will obviously not work if married to another player.

This is my first mod, so I am not the most efficient at modding, but I have many future plans for updates to this mod! Here are some of things I hope to include some time in the future:

More Date Types: Adding more generic date types for you and any spouse to have.
Randomized Dates: Adding more random dialogue/elements to make each date unique and interesting!
Unique Dates For Vanilla Spouses: Adding custom dates for the Vanilla Spouses that match their character and add more personality to them!
Pre-Marriage Dates: Adding dates that you can go on when you aren't married yet! (Thanks to BubbleBeam for this idea!)
Family Days: Adding events after you have kids where you can go out with your family.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the mod!

If there are any issues, please tell me so I can fix them ASAP!

Unless stated otherwise, all translations are up to date for the most current version (1.3).

Chinese: credit to TToffeE 
Portuguese (BR): credit to SiOnkOb
Turkish: credit to AhmetSalih

If you would like to make a translation please feel free to credit me and post it, and let me know so I can add it above!

You don’t have to ask me permission to post a translation, just please include my name (LiveOnSUPERT) and a link to the original file somewhere on the mod page, thanks!

Just downloading the mod is support enough, but if you would like you can donate directly through Nexus or donate on my Ko-Fi :)

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