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Updated Siv's Marriage Mod. Makes the older vanilla singles romanceable. And optionally younger.

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Looking for Love is geared more for the older players wanting to romance someone who isn't... basically a teenager. It's a conversion of the old Siv's Marriage mod, updated for modern Content Patcher practices so that there's no need for replacing vanilla files with out-of-date XNBs anymore.

With this also comes a slew of bugfixes and updates. You can now, for example, have Pam's events happen in her upgraded house. No longer will the "marnie, sandy, and pam are my husband" bug plague players. Even Lewis now has unique wedding dialogue, and none of the characters will appear magically in the audience. Marnie will not flip to her older self if you're using her update sprites and marrying someone else. No maps need to be replaced altogether in order to bring the changes needed, increasing compatibility with other mods (Specific patches now included as well!). Whole content pack has been rewritten from the last iteration to allow for easier translating and better modularity. Don't like someone? Just disable them and none of their changes will take effect now!

Features new to 2.2.0: 
You now can go to Marnie's barn, if you've made friends with her and turned the option on in the configuration file. Features Custom Companions bonus content pack that alters the animals inside interior based on what events you've seen, both with her and her nephew. 

For translators: Each character has their own file with a .default.json, same as the i18n does. Just make a translated version of that same as you would for i18n and it will automatically work, same as if you were making it for i18n. This is to keep even the dialogue changes largely modular without making a bunch of tedious, redundant entries into the i18n. Please see the modding wiki for more information about etiquette regarding making translations and submitting them for use.