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My version of the wizard's ex wife. Full NPC with events, dialogue and out-of-hut schedule!

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  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
My take on Rasmodius's ex, the witch!

Alecto is many things. A grumpy wine aunt. A secret romantic. The "owner" of two crows. Going through a lot right now. Slightly cursed. She is best installed any time before you gain access to the Witch's Hut and can be interacted with as soon as you meet her, no magic ink quest required (just don't tell the wizard).

For guides to her events, gift tastes and schedule, see the articles tab!

Configuration Options:

  • FemaleWizard: set this to "true" if you have any of the mods that replace the wizard with a female version (eg Razolyn, Rasmodia).
  • LoadWitchHut: set this to "false" if you have any other mods which include events in the Witch's Hut.


  • Should be compatible with most other mods, including other Witch NPCs.
  • In-built compatibility re: pronouns for female wizard replacements, although Alecto will definitely imply her ex wife is older than she seems...
  • Will conflict with any mods that replace the witch sprite in the void egg random event.
  • I've tried to reduce lore conflict as much as possible, although she will definitely conflict lore-wise with other versions of the witch (unless you imagine the wizard has a lot of angry ex-wives, I guess) and with Harvest Goddess as she won't realise Ras is "on holiday".
  • Has additional gift tastes if Grapes of Ferngill, Forage of Ferngill, PPJA Artisan Valley and/or Host Trees are installed.
  • Reacts to events from several other custom NPC mods (eg Juna, Lavril, Lucikiel, Jean and Jorts).
  • Bonus events if East Scarp and/or NPC Wellwick are installed!
  • Has additional days in her schedule if East Scarp or Ridgeside Village are installed!
  • Her crows hang out with Jorts, Jean and Mister Ginger if they are all installed.

Future Plans:

  • Add more events when Ridgeside Village, Juna and/or East Scarp are installed.
  • Add more dialogue when Romanceable Rasmodius is installed.
  • An NPC Adventures pack.
  • More crow content.
  • Option to have Alecto as a roommate.

Known Issues:

  • Alecto and the crows get stuck on the railroad map if SVE is installed.

Translations Included (for versions 1.0.x):

  • Brazilian Portuguese, courtesy of KatoraNoku
  • Chinese, courtesy of NightCat
  • German, courtesy of Crackb0ne88
  • Russian, courtesy of iwannaheroin

Thank you to SmolHooman for the crow sprites Alecto's crows are based on, and to the gang (y'all know who you are) especially Lani for teaching me some optimisation tricks!

Alecto is all set up with i18n tokens for ease of translations, if you want to translate her just let me know!