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This mod provide a Couch Lance feature to Convenient Horse mod, similar to Mount & Blade.

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My thank and gratitude to Alek, author of Convenient Horse, for allowing me to use his scripts.


This mod was created by me some time ago for personal use. I didn't plan to publish because of spaghetti scripts. But recently, with introduction of Dynamic Animation Replacer, it now become easier and safer to use than ever. The mod provide a Couch Lance feature to mounted combat of Skyrim, very similar to Mount & Blade. It inherits from Horse Charge ability of Convenient Horse and is balanced around other features of this mod. That's why i publish this as an add-on of Convenient Horse.

=================HOW TO USE=======================

- Player can perform a Couch Lance attack on horse with any melee weapon that has range greater than 1.7.  That means weapons like Halberds and Pikes from Animated Armoury  of NickNak can be used as such.

- Using a power attack ( holding Left/Right Mouse Button ) while sprinting will set player into Couch Lance posture. LMB will direct the lance to right side and RMB will direct to left side. ( You can hold attack button first then sprint, it works the same). 

- Time will be slowed by 35% to help you aim the lance, charge at enemies to deal massive damage to them .Enemies that are directly in front of you or on the other side of the lance will not take damage.

- Reach and damage bases on your equipped weapon and benefits from smithing, both One-handed and Two-handed level, Fortify Two-handed enchantment, One-handed boosting potion, Armsman perks and Barbarian perks. Successfully hitting enemies with lance will give you exp in both One-handed and Two-handed skill.

- Aside from Couch Lance, melee and ranged weapons will deal +100% damage while sprinting on horse, holding power attack also slows time down by 35%.

=================NOTE ABOUT CONTROL=======================

- The control is not 100% responsive (may be only 95%). To guarantee the feature to work you should sprint first then hold attack buttons, or hold attack buttons first for ~1 second until time slow effect kicks in then sprint.

- Avoid holding two attack buttons LMB/RMB at the same time, it may occasionally mess up the control.

- The horse must sprint for at least ~2 seconds to deal Couch Lance damage so make some distance before charging.

-  Script may lag and the feature may not work accurately 100% of the time, so consider editing Skyrim.ini with these line:


Skyrim Script Extender
Convenient Horse
Dynamic Animation Replacer
Animated Armoury or any other mods that provide polearms with range > 1.7 ( I haven't test weapons from True Spear Combat).

=================RECOMMENDED MODS=======================
Armor Rating Redux
ASIS SSE ( Spawn more enemies to skewer with your lance )
Deadly Dragons ( Couch Lance makes short work of Vanilla dragons so you need more challenges)