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A retexture of my Migration Period Sword that I made for a quest in Hrodeberht's Forge, and now also release as a standalone mod. Replaces Harkon's sword with one more fitting (personal opinion) for a self-proclaimed former king of/in Western Skyrim. The sword is ebony, as are it's stats, so it's also considerably stronger.
The standalone version (called "Volkihar Sword" in game) can be crafted with the ebony smithing perk.

All plugins flagged ESL

The design:
On the hilt you'll find both the Molag Bal sigil from Harkon's armor and the vampire-chaos-wheel. Also a HV-monogram.

The blade's pattern is meant to resemble blood-infused ebony (which would make it blood-infused blood, but that's neither here nor there). The floral pattern is inspired by deathbell and nightshade, both connected with death in TES lore. Finally the Volkihar inscription is self-explanatory.

The scabbard shows Molag Bal's head as seen on the shrine/blood-fountain, blood running out of his mouth, down the scabbard and into the Bloodstone Chalice on the chape.

Font used for the inscription and title card