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Replacer for Dawnbreaker (mesh and texture).

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Vanilla Dawnbreaker is totally underwhelming. Even with retextures (Remiros' Dawnbreaker HD is great if you like vanilla model), it didn't feel right to me. 
Existing Dawnbreaker remodels didn't meet my standards tho.
The closest thing was ElDruin Dawnbreaker - nice, "fantasy-like" replacer. Sadly, it has a few things that I didn't like (for example: too much glow, white handle). I looked deeper...
The whole thing was based on old FavoredSoul's weapon - Skycutter. After in-game test, I was satisfied enough to use it as a replacer.

FavoredSoul for original Skycutter mod. 
Model was found here Ultimate Assortment by FavoredSoul-SSE by Vyxenne.