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SKSE mod that dynamically changes the appearance of mannequins around Skyrim to resemble the player character. Compatible with both SE & AE (all versions).

Permissions and credits

Mannequins are there for you to show off your prettiest outfits and your greatest achievements as Dragonborn, yet they're made out of crappy wood. Well, I say no more! With this mod, mannequins will dynamically change their appearance to resemble your character as closely as possible. Should you decide to open the race menu and change your character, any nearby mannequin will update right after you finish changing your character.

I consider this mod close to finished, and the following traits are currently supported : 

  • Race
  • Sex
  • Weight
  • Face geometry (even for characters sculpted through RaceMenu)
  • Face overlays (warpaints, freckles, makeup, etc.)
  • Body morphs (body sliders in RaceMenu, or other mods modifying your character's body dynamically through RaceMenu)
  • Body overlays (scars, tattoos, tanlines, etc.)
  • Skin color & textures

The following traits are partially supported :

  • Height/Scale

The following traits are not supported :

  • Overlays that aren't added through RaceMenu

I can't guarantee that all mods that change your character's appearance will work on mannequins, but I'm confident it should work with most body/race mods. I personally use BodySlideCBBE 3BA, High Poly Head and Charmers of the Reach and they all work without issues. SOS (yes that one) is also supported, but the shape/state of the mannequins' schlongs will likely be the default one and not match your character's schlong.

With version 1.0 out I consider this mod mostly finished. While I have ideas for other features in mind, I'm not sure if I'll be able to implement them.


An SKSE version adapted for your Skyrim version and Address Library.


I made this mod with RaceMenu in mind and it uses some of its features, but it is not a requirement. ECE should also work but I didn't test it personally.

This mod will conflict with other mods changing the vanilla or HearthFires mannequins. If a mannequin does not copy your character properly, then it likely means this mannequin is added/modified by another mod. If you wish for a specific mod to be made compatible, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Installation / Update

I made this mod with ease of use in mind, and it can be installed or updated at any point without issues.

To install this mod, download it manually or through a mod manager of your choice :

  • For manual installation, simply unpack the archive inside Skyrim Data Folder.
  • For installation using a mod manager, simply download then enable this mod.

To update this mod, first remove the previous version, then follow the installation instructions above.


Simply disable/remove the mod manually or through your mod manager if you have one.


  • Q: When will the next update/final version be released ?
  • A: I have no idea.

  • Q: What other features do you have in mind ?
  • A: Being able to decide which mannequins copy the player or not, choosing what character to copy (player character or the NPC of your choice).

  • Q: Can you add X feature ?
  • A: Post it the comment section and I'll think about it.

  • Q: Why do mannequins briefly look weird after loading a save ?
  • A: Due to the way RaceMenu works, a delay is necessary to avoid visual bugs on mannequins.

  • Q: Some of my mannequins changed positions, what can I do about it ?
  • A: Either leave and then re-enter the cell, or try to re-equip a piece of armor, and they should be back in their default position.


If you experience any bug, submit a report and I’ll try to fix the issue in the next version. 

Known bugs (do not report a bug already listed here) :

  • When wearing an HDT-SMP haircut (KS Hairdos SMP for example), mannequins' hairs might stretch to infinity / CTD occurs
  • Mannequins head and/or bodies might become invisible

If you have hairs stretching or invisible heads / bodies, it might be because of an outdated Faster HDT-SMP version.
If you encounter a CTD when wearing an HDT-SMP haircut, check out SMP-NPC Crash Fix.



In addition to the credits above, I’d like to give huge thanks to everyone who helped me create this mod, including : powerofthree, Doodlezoid, FuzzlesParapetsNoahmeh321CharmedBaryonQudix, KhrysINXSshad0wshayd3 and Fenix31415. Their patience and knowledge were invaluable and I would not have been able to release this mod without them. I probably forgot some of you (sorry) but I'm grateful nonetheless.