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Rebuilds the Western Watchtower slowly over time after the dragon attack. A simple change of scenery to help Skyrim's world space feel more alive.

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This mod makes edits to the Western Watchtower location outside Whiterun. It implements a gradual rebuilding of the ruined walls, re-fortifying the location after the dragon attack during the Main Quest. These changes are relatively inconsequential, but designed to help make the world feel a bit more dynamic and eventful by providing a small change of scenery. Generally, this mod avoids making serious changes to the location (other than adding the walls) in an effort for compatibility, and tries to fit well with the base game.

Designed to pair nicely with Jayserpa's watchtower mod (though it's not required). No patch needed, let my mod overwrite.

*** Ok to install mid-game.

*** Do NOT update mid-game.

*** The new update tweaks the mod's progression to be based on actual time in game, rather than player level.

Skyrim's world space tends to feel very static. Despite a civil war, dragon attacks, and a rising vampire menace, not much ever changes. If the player could notice visible changes taking place over time it would help make the land of Skyrim feel more alive. It would help give a sense that events were occurring and time was passing throughout a playthrough. Ideally, these changes should be as seamless as possible with the base game. This mod attempts to implement this idea at a small vanilla location.

In the vanilla game the Western Watchtower stands amidst crumbled stone ruins, and remains largely the same even after a dragon attack. But now that they're a clear threat (and not to mention a raging civil war as well), you'd expect to see an effort building up fortifications around Whiterun.

This mod simply rebuilds the walls around the tower. It will not happen immediately after the attack, however. After the 'Dragon Rising,' quest is complete, the location will remain in ruins, but eventually a 'rebuilding' stage will begin, followed by a 'complete' stage.

Once the 'Dragon Rising' quest is complete, these subsequent stages are triggered by the passage of in-game time. The 'rebuilding' stage will start around 25 days after the dragon has been defeated. After this, it will take another 40 days for the walls to be fully rebuilt. The goal is to make the sequence take place gradually through a playthrough, to make it feel as though things are changing in the world with the passage of time, rather than the direct result of player action.

There will be several worker NPCs who show up to rebuild, and two new guards will also be permanently added to the garrison. Civil war ownership will be properly reflected.

Also, if you notice a file conflicting with any of my other mods, don't worry. It's an identical script being reused and is perfectly safe.

DynDOLOD is recommended to achieve correct distant LOD for this mod. DynDOLOD will even enable the correct LOD dynamically as each stage is enabled.

A note on navmesh
There's no way to dynamically change navmesh. That means it's nearly impossible for it to fit perfectly when there are major changes to a location. So, for compatibility reasons I've opted to avoid modifying the navmesh here, and work within the existing as best as possible. Jayserpa's mod takes the same approach (which is also why they're compatible). I've improved the situation by placing navmesh cut boxes when the walls are enabled. The navmesh is still not perfect, so you may occasionally see NPCs walking into objects, so.... just don't look too closely.


This plugin is an optional addon if you use Jayserpa's watchtower mod. It adds L_NAVCUT boxes to the walls added by his mod, which should result in NPCs walking into objects and getting stuck less. It won't fix the navmesh situation for his mod, but is hopefully an improvement. It also includes occlusion planes for what is probably a completely unnoticeable performance improvement. You can even use this without my mod. Thanks Poepkat for the suggestion and 10/10 file name.


Whiterun Watchtower Doesn't Start Broken
Enhanced Landscapes
JK's Whiterun Outskirts
Lux Via
Medieval Lanterns
Ryn's Whiterun CIty Limits
Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes
Whiterun Forest Borealis


Ryn's Western Watchtower


Alpine Forest of Whiterun Valley
Moves/disables a few trees for compatibility.

Great Forest of Whiterun Hold
Moves a few trees for compatibility.

Lux Orbis
Consistency patch for several lights added by this mod. No major conflicts.

Northern Roads
Patches landscape textures, re-removes some grass. No major conflicts.

This mod works by placing several invisible checkpoints in the world which use a simple script to check if the quest and time-based requirements have been met, and enables the correct stage once true. These checkpoints are placed just outside the gates of each major city in Skyrim (Whiterun, Solitude, Markarth, Windhelm, and Riften), areas most people will pass through occasionally. This is a way to ensure each stage is triggered off screen, and is relatively simple and non-bloaty, as there are no constantly running scripts. It should allow the sequence of stages to occur naturally over your playthrough. These checkpoints kickoff the sequence by simply checking if 'Dragon Rising' is complete. So if you use a mod like Skyrim Unbound which sets that quest as complete at the start of the game, or you install this mod mid-game, this mod will still work fine.

The exact sequence of the mod is the following:

Initial State: Ruined walls plus extra carnage post-dragon attack
Rebuilding Stage: Construction in progress, workers, new guards and clutter appear
Complete Stage: Final rebuilt state, completed walls, clutter

Other mods that help the world space feel more dynamic, that served as inspiration:

Merchants of Skyrim - by Darkfox127
Skyrim Realistic Conquering - All In One - by Rubenvd7
Lawbringer - by EpicCrab
The Stumbling Sabrecat - by Tarlazo
After Civil War - Siege Damage Repairs - by Tarlazo
Whiterun Watchtower Doesn't Start Broken - by Jayserpa
BUVARP SE RE - by AndrealphusVIII

Shoutout and thanks to Darkfox127 for his awesome Creation Kit tutorials on Youtube.

Extra thanks to Skyrim Scripting, whose tutorials helped my Neanderthal brain in learn some basic skills.

Feel free to use any resources from my mods for your own, as long as you leave some credit. 

Please create any compatibility patches that I have been too unaware or lazy to do myself ;)

Due to Mods revising its port rules, I am publicly giving permission to anyone to upload, maintain and merge my mods for Xbox on under the condition they do not claim the mods as their own and agree to remove them from if asked to do so.

Open permission to anyone to upload translations of my mods for other languages, as long as you leave some credit. 

Open permission to anyone who wants to convert and upload my mods to LE, as long as you leave some credit.  To much work for me!