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Do you delay the coming of the dragons? Annoyed that the tower is broken right from the beginning before dragons even appear? This mod is for you!

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Very simple mini-mod. Does exactly what the description says:

  • Undamaged Tower: Before "Dragon Rising" (Quest where you and Irileth defeat your first dragon and you learn "Fus"), the tower is undamaged.
  • Damaged Tower: When the attack begins, the tower will revert back to vanilla. (Burning for a while, non burning broken tower after)

The change happens automatically, nothing for you to do. No issues at all with the main quest, completely independent from it.

Regarding the design: I'm not an expert decorator and the new fort is not perfect. It's not a beautiful redesign or a huge change to the place. This is just a small mod to prevent the immersion-breaking realization that the tower has always been broken before the attack. 


Does this mod make changes to any vanilla script? 
No, no changes. Those files are untouched completely, so compatible with anything that might change the main quest too.

What is the script for?
When you are near the doors of whiterun (from the outside), the most simple script in the world asks the game if Dragon Rising has started/been completed. If this is the case, the tower reverts back to vanilla. Otherwise, nothing happens.

Is the new tower navmeshed?
I respected the original navmesh of vanilla, so it works for both states of the tower. This means guards should patrol without colliding with stuff when walking around: but if something attacks the tower like a wolf or bandit, they might have a brief moment of something blocking their way. Everything reverts to vanilla during and after the attack anyway, so it shouldn't be a big deal.

In order for the navmesh to work both in the broken and unbroken state of the tower, I had to be somewhat creative, so the layout of the fort shows a bit of an already somewhat old/broken tower, but it's well defended with spikes and patrols, so the tower still looks like it serves its purpose: Making sure no threats to Whiterun come from the western road.

Can I install this midgame?
Yes, but if you've already completed Dragon Rising, the tower will be unbroken until you visit the entrance of Whiterun, since that's when my mini-script asks the game for the state of the quest.

How does the tower look in the distance?
From the distance, the LOD will look like the broken tower. Not sure how dyndolod works or if it will affect this mod. The good thing is: the layout of the broken and unbroken tower is very similar, so it shouldn't be too noticeable.

I found a bug! 
Feel free to reach out if you encounter a bug, mod is quite light so besides the mini-fort not looking amazing, there shouldn't be any issues.

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