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One character creator to rule them all. Adds sliders previously exclusive to ECE to Racemenu.

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Standalone addon for Racemenu to add sliders that were previously exclusive to Enhanced Character Edit. Plugin is ESL. Compatible with High Poly Head and Enhanced Facial Morphs.

These sliders use the ECE sources with permission, so the shapes are identical to those found in ECE.
30 sliders in all, some unique to genders, adding new customization options to the Face, Nose, Eyes, Brows and Mouth.


Q: Didn't someone do this before and it got banned?
A: Yes there was. This mod however has permission from both character creator authors. Consider this official.

Q: What's different between this and the old one?
A: This is standalone. You don't need to modify any files, you don't need to download any additional files and it doesn't break any existing sliders. Just install and go.

Q: Does this mean I can use Racemenu to make the same faces as ECE?
A: Not quite. ECE, Racemenu and EFM all use different racial morphs. So the "base" face shape that you're working with is different between all 3. You could overwrite the Racemenu racial morphs with those from ECE though and that would probably make it the same.

Q: How is this different from EFM?
A: The morphs from ECE are not the same as EFM. This means there are now sliders to create shapes that were previously only possible with manual sculpting.

Q: Beast races?
A: ECE did not include additional sliders for the beast races, only humanoids. This mod does not create new sliders, only bring those from ECE into RaceMenu

Q: Will my existing Racemenu presets continue to work? With or without EFM?
A: Yes and they will unaffected by installing this mod. You just get to use new sliders on them now :)

Q: Compatible with modded facial animations?
A: All of them. It's a different thing entirely.

Q: You missed a slider.
A: Tell me which one, I will add it if it is not too similar to one that can already be done with EFM.

Q: Can you add a slider?
A: Is it from ECE? If not then no. The scope of this mod covers ECE only, not custom slider requests.

Q: Can you add <non-slider>?
A: No. That is out of scope for this mod.

Q: Can I get the preset? What skin? etc.
A: Not my preset or game. Ask ThatFanSon.