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Inspired by ELDEN RING, this animation brings together most of ELDEN RING's Twinblades moves, and makes some modifications

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Specially written for a part of the Chinese players to see, if you are an ordinary player, this content you do not need to know what I am talking about, please check the bottom of the English MODS introduction directly:


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MODS Introduction:

For a long time NEXUS never had a set of Twinblades animation, so I made this, and the use of precision to add a weapon at both ends of the attack decision, while using SCAR comments so that he can be used by NPCs

My DAR conditions are written to equip the above weapons can be used, you can also add your own weapons

Power Attack:
Power Attack1 → Power Attack6
Power Attack2
Power Attack3 → Power Attack8 → Power Attack3 (LOOP)
Power Attack4 → Power Attack7
Power Attack5 → Power Attack6


Using the code of ERSH'precision , when you use precision you will get the effect of swinging the weapon at both ends,and the two ends of the attack judgment, not a necessary condition, but if you want to get better results recommended you use

Support the official version of SCAR, have written the SCAR annotations, so when SCAR is officially released, you can let the NPC AI directly use this set of animations, NPC animation and player share, if there is no special needs, you do not need to give the NPC a separate DAR file

Only the MCO version is available, SKYSA can not meet the demand for moves

Thanks to these people:

hokn Provided me with weapons for testing, perfect work and suggested that I make this animation
maxus2017 Great module author, provided me with a test version of SCAR and gave me guidance
ersh Great module author, SKYRIM can't do without your work,Provide me with some help on precision
distar66 You have created an excellent combat system that makes SKYRIM look like a modern game
Felisky I can't imagine a world without DAR
alexsylex The emergence of AMR solves the problem of SKYRIM skating
fafago Gave me some advice early on

If you want to support me:

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