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Allows you to craft the replica for both rewards of the quest "No One Escapes from Cidnha Mine".

Permissions and credits
This simply allows you to:
  • Craft the Silver-Blood Family Ring replica if you have the Armor of the Old Gods (chest) or the Silver-Blood Ring.
  • Craft the Armor of the Old Gods replica (all parts) if you have the matching part or the Silver-Blood Ring.

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Why don't you make it for X artifact?
  • Dawnbreaker: Not an evil quest
  • Ebony Blade: Not an evil Quest
  • Ebony Mail: No easy way to do that.  Try Lootable Ebony Mail
  • Mask of Clavicus Vile: You get it by being a good guy. 
  • Mehrunes' Razor: Sparing Silus unlocks the recipe
  • Ring of Hiricine: If you side with Sinding, the replica unlocks.
  • Rueful Axe: If you pick up the axe at least once, you can make a replica.  Also, that is an evil path.  I am trying to enable good guys here
  • Sanguine Rose: Not an evil quest
  • Savior's Hide: Unlocked when you kill Sinding.
  • Skeleton Key: Not an evil quest
  • Skull of Corruption: Destroying the staff unlocks the recipe
  • Wabbajack: Not an evil quest