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Allows you to craft the Mementos after you complete the quest "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood".

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Allows you to craft the mementos (i.e. Skull replacers" from Legacy of the Dragonborn - Mementos after you complete the quest "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood".   So you can complete the display without joining the Dark Brotherhood.

Requires: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. So you can collect miscellaneous oars and weapon parts needed for some of the replicas.

All Replicas are crafted at the Replica Workbench.

Each target has a Memento that fits them or that was already included in the existing display.
  • Narfi: a fork:
    Ingredients: Fork
  • Beitild: Pickaxe:  
    Ingredients: Pickaxe
  • Ennodius Papius: Saw:  
    Ingredients: Saw
  • Hern: Goblet:  
    Ingredients:  Gold Ingot
  • Lurbuk: Lute  
    Ingredients:  Lute
  • Deekus: Oar  
    Ingredients:  Oar
  • Ma'randru-jo: Lantern  
    Ingredients:  Lantern
  • Anoriath: Bow  
    Ingredients:  Gold Ingot
  • Agnis: Broom
    Ingredients:  Broom
  • Maluril: Dwemer Cog
    Ingredients:  Dwemer Cog
  • Helvard: Broken Mace
    Ingredients:  Broken Iron Mace Head
  • Safia: Golden Treasure
    Ingredients:  3 Gold Ingots
  • Vittoria Vici: Wedding Wreath
    Ingredients:  Wedding Wreath Clothing Item  (Outside DB quest, the Only other vanilla copy can be Found at Highpoint Tower in Solsteim.)

Optional Farming Patch
Allows you to make a memento of Narfi if you make him a farmhand at Goldenhills.  Best used in combination with Creation Club Farming Tweaks, which allows you to spare Narfi.

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Why don't you make it for X artifact?
  • Dawnbreaker: Not an evil quest
  • Ebony Blade: Not an evil Quest
  • Ebony Mail: No easy way to do that.  Try Lootable Ebony Mail
  • Mask of Clavicus Vile: You get it by being a good guy. 
  • Mehrunes' Razor: Sparing Silus unlocks the recipe
  • Ring of Hiricine: If you side with Sinding, the replica unlocks.
  • Rueful Axe: If you pick up the axe at least once, you can make a replica.  Also, that is an evil path.  I am trying to enable good guys here
  • Sanguine Rose: Not an evil quest
  • Savior's Hide: Unlocked when you kill Sinding.
  • Skeleton Key: Not an evil quest
  • Skull of Corruption: Destroying the staff unlocks the recipe
  • Wabbajack: Not an evil quest