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What's going on behind that door? Wondering if there's an angry troll on the other side? Now you get to know without actually going through the door.

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Psst. You. Yes, you.

Have you ever wanted to make love like a sabre-cat, live for thousands of years, and see into other people's thoughts? Well, I cannot help you there. But what about seeing what's behind a door without actually going through it? No elixirs involved! Just kneel in front of a door, locate the keyhole and... look through it

Still not conviced? Read some of our totally not fake reviews!

-  I was about to enter this home, but then I saw a massive spider on the other side. I decided to firebolt the house instead. Neat! -TatoTomatoNYC
 - I was ready to spend the night at the local inn, but then I peeked and saw Karita on the other side. No, thank you! -Syn Lollygagging
 - ItJustWorks. No really. This mod solved all my other mod conflicts. Or it made them worse. One of the two-ThorWasAvailable
- Day 33, I just took a peek. The courier is still outside Breezehome waiting for me. Please send help. -JohnOblivion

Mod Showcase

- Upon launching the game you will get a new ability to "peek" through keyholes, seeing what's on the other side of the door without going through it.
- Mod comes with an MCM, so you can configure things like camera movement or FOV.
- NPCs might react to your peeping with fun lines. "I saw you do that!" / "Stop that!".
- If you don't like having to use an ability for this, the MCM comes with an alternative activation method: Hold SNEAK button for 2 seconds in front of a door. 
- New in 1.20: New activation method! Press Shift + E to bring up the Peek menu.

Shift + Activation = Peek

- SKSE + SkyUI (But you should have these installed, duh)
- Dynamic Activation Key

Technically Optional But Recommended:
- ConsoleUtilSSE (It enables FOV changes during the peeking among other things.)
- DAR (Needed if you don't want an awkward animation when you exit the "peeking" position)

For the "soft" requirements: PLEASE, make sure you download the right version when installing them: either SE/AE.

- Ares, Connor, Macpherb, RedNick and everyone else who is supporting me on Patreon. It means a lot, thank you.

- Huge shoutout to OsmosisWrench, who created the SKSE plugins for the 1.10 update. Author of many a-great-mod, I recommend checking AT THE VERY least their latest addition. Something everyone should have installed.

- UrbanVibes, VictorFParapets and any other modders that helped with this or just put up with me in general.
May Creation Kit never crash on you without saving the esp first.


- Can I install this mid-game?

-  My load order is thiccc! Is this a ESL file?
Yes. What sort of monster do you think I am.

- Compatible with Simply Knock?
Yes. The mods compliment each other very well.

- Does this work with SE/AE?
Yes. Make sure you download the right version.

- Who is OsmosisWrench, and why are they so awesome? 
Skyrim Souls used to be needed for this mod to work properly. This is no longer the case, thanks to this modder. I recommend checking their profile for some sweet, sweet additions to your load order. Their latest addition to the game is a no brainer everyone should have installed.

- Who is Shekhinaga, and why are they so awesome?
Besides being a Yu-Gi-Oh card, Shekhinaga is also responsible for the NG update for the SKSE plugin, making it so everyone can enjoy the mod no matter what Skyrim version you are on (SE/AE and everything in between). You are awesome, thank you! Please, check out their profile, you might end up with more mods for your totally-under-control mod addiction hobby. I personally recommend "Dragons Fall Down", cause let's be honest, you've also had the bug of killing a Dragon while flying and it only dies AFTER it lands in a comically way. Well, no more!

- What's the inspiration behind this mod? Confess, you Peeping Tom!
I often look at other games for inspiration when it comes to mechanics. I brought you the immersive animated actions of Red Dead Redemption 2, the dirt and blood mechanics of Death Stranding, the expressive facial reactions of Breath of the Wild, the trophy system of the Witcher 3, the high overview locations of Assassins Creed and the more humanized NPCs of the Last of Us. This time this feature is coming from the amazing stealth oriented game Dishonored.

- How does the mod work technically?
An animation plays on one side of the door making it look like the player is "peeking" through the keyhole. Then the player becomes completely invisible and gets teleported to the other side. While on the other side, vision is restricted, the player cannot interact with enemies or anything else and NPCs cannot see the player. It's as if the player is still on the initial side of the door. If the player decides to enter the door (as normal) the cell will already be loaded in the recent memory of your PC so the loading screen should be almost instantanous.

- How do followers behave while peeking?
Your follower will be asked to "wait" while peeking, and will continue following you afterwards automatically. I ask them to wait to avoid having them follow you to the other side of the door and getting you in trouble. Both vanilla and NFF followers will be automatically detected and handled by my mod. All your followers will be asked to wait while peeking and then to follow you afterwards. If you use a different framework other than nff/vanilla or you currently have a follower that has their own thing going on, you might want to tell them to wait for you before using the ability. 

- Does the mod work on ALL doors? What about doors without a keyhole in their in-game model?
Not on all doors, there are exceptions. There's a formlist that I used to blacklist the doors where it makes absolutely no sense to use the ability on. However I cannot account for the texture or mesh replacer for the doors in your game, so the ability will still work on most doors except for the ones on that list. It's not a perfect list, but the worst offenders are covered. If you think the ability shouldn't work on a certain door you can A) make an internal rule not to use it on those or B) just assume your character is peeking through the opening of the door, not necessarily the keyhole or C) open xedit/CK and add the door to the exception list.

- Does this work with doors that require a key to be opened (quest locations)?
The "peek through" ability will work on (mostly) any door, including those that require a key. You can take a peek and the door will remain locked afterwards and everything will work as normal. However, I recommend making a save before opening these type of doors... Technically, these doors are locked for a reason: the game thinks you should not open (or peek) through the door yet. There might be a quest or a scene that starts automatically upon visiting these cells, so make sure to save before opening a quest-locked door.

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