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A simple mod that makes it so that dragons that die while airborne immediately ragdoll and plummet to their deaths instead of first landing.

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We've all been there. You're fighting for your life, tooth-and-nail, against a dragon. Just as the beast swoops overhead, you ready your bow or spell and shoot!... Bullseye. You nail the dragon, but instead of it simply falling lifelessly from the sky, it... continues to fly. And makes a perfect landing. And then dies. Possibly after talking to you. Then you're reminded - you're just playing a game. A Bethesda game, no less. Immersion broken.

This is where this mod comes in. Using Dragon Combat Overhaul (read the note in acknowledgments) as a basis, "
Dragons Fall Down - Immersive Airborne Death" makes dragons lifelessly and immersively plummet to their deaths.

You can see an example here:

This mod aims to be as compatible with everything as possible. Thanks to SPID - Spell Perk Item Distributor, there are no direct edits to anything in this mod and as such it is technically compatible with everything. However, there is one big caveat. This mod should NOT be used alongside mods that already have this feature (Such as the excellent Dragon Combat Overhaul and the amazing KS Dragon Overhaul 2). This mod is meant to either be used standalone or as a companion for a mod that does not have this feature (Such as Deadly Dragons, Dragon War, Serio's Enhanced Dragons...).

A MAJOR thank you to Apollodown for his code.
(A note - While Apollodown has given me permission to upload this, they have explicitly stated that I should note that my changes to his code have NOT been endorsed by them)