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Adds an official road East and South of Riften.

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This will add an official road East and South of Riften so you can connect from Riftens South Gate to Riftens North Gate. Only 2/3 of the road was added and the rest was originally there. If you are using World Map - Skyrim Hold Borders we do have a patch with the mod that will add the new Riften Eastern Road on the world map. You can download that optional if you wish. Also check out my Skyrim Hearthfire Roads mod. If you want the Skyrim 2011 version go here. If you play Oblivion also check out my Oblivion Cheydinhal Northern Road and my Oblivion Leyawiin Northern Road.

World Map - Skyrim Hold Borders (Optional)

To install just download then extract folder and drag plugin into your data folder. If your installing the World Map - Skyrim Hold Borders Patch then open the compressed folder and choose the type of borders line your using which are either New, Classic or Simplified and then chose Main roads or All roads depending on which you are using. Then copy the dds file from the folder and paste it into Data/Textures\Terrain\Tamriel folder replacing the file.