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A new guild in Windhelm where you stop a group of bandits from obtaining a power staff. The guild adds 15 new quests.

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If you like to be part of legal guilds and travel across Skyrim then this is the guild for you. With 15 new quests. The guild hall is located in the Windhelm Market in the southwestern corner of Windhelm. The guild questline is about stopping a group of bandits knows as the Black Diamond Pact from obtaining a powerful staff called Icejiff. You will be going across Tamriel and Solstheim during your adventure. Watch the Trailer to this mod. And use the How To Play As Alex Border as a bonus. And if you play Oblivion also look at my Oblivion Adventurers Guild. If you want the Skyrim 2011 version go here. And if you play Morrowind also look at my Bloodmoon Rhysk mod.

Also Better Gray Quarter mod will conflict with the Relicment. Download the patch here.
Civil War Battles mod will not have the Relicment Hall in Windhelm. Download the patch here.

Skyrim Special Edition

To install just download then extract folder and drag plugin, and bsa into your data folder. Then Download and run SSELODGen and run the application and check off Tamriel and DLC2SolstheimWorld in LODGen Options and then click on Generate.