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Adds the fortress of Shalidor, as seen in Arena, as a player home and landmark near Winterhold. A perfect lair for ice mages.

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This mod adds the Fortress of Ice, as seen in Elder Scrolls: Arena, as a player home and landmark. According to legend, the first Archmage of Winterhold, Shalidor, made his home here, while using Labyrinthian as a place for magical experiments. The fortress is in ancient nord style, with a few elements from Windhelm and High Hrothgar. Featuring full vanilla crafting, bed for players, two beds for followers, plus a coffin and cattle for vampire characters. The top balcony has a lovely view of Winterhold, the Sea of Ghosts, and the statue of Azura. This is my first mod, so I really appreciate any feedback and comments!

  • Dawnguard
  • Dragonborn

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