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A makeover mod for Skyrim's favorite delivery boy.

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So what does this mod do, exactly? Great question! Well, it's a visual upgrade for Skyrim's most dedicated errand boy, the Courier, but with some additional tweaks that are practically guaranteed to boost your immersion. That's right! Immersion... Sweet, sweet IMMERSION...

  • The Courier will be a bit better-dressed. No more ragged farm clothes. He's a professional!

  • Actual deliveries! Ever wonder why someone would travel across the continent to deliver a single letter? It makes very little sense. Now, the Courier will be seen carrying other supplies & items for delivery to signify you're not his only customer. He's got other stops to make!

  • He's packing cold, hard steel! Skyrim is ravaged by war & teeming with dangerous wildlife. You'd think the Courier would at least carry some protection against the occasional over-aggressive mudcrab. Sure, it's just for show, but they don't know that!

  • Freckles!

  • Two versions. A stand-alone version & one for users of Provincial Courier Service by Arthmoor.

  • ESL-flagged so it won't count towards your ESP limit!


This mod has no hard requirements other than the base game. However, facegen was generated using Expressive Facegen Morphs so Expressive Facial Animations could be considered a soft requirement to ensure there's no incidental clipping. The Courier will use whichever body mods & textures you have installed. Personally, I use Tempered Skins & True Faces, as seen in the screenshots. If you'd like the Courier's backpacks to look more stylish, ElSopa's textures from Big Backpack HD are absolutely stunning & highly recommended. Just download the LOTD version & allow its textures to overwrite mine.


Any mod that directly edits the Courier will result in a conflict & is therefore incompatible. However, several of the most popular mail service mods are entirely compatible!

Courier Delivers to NPCs - Compatible
Courier Stays In SkyrimCompatible
Provincial Courier Service Compatible (Select the compatible version in the FOMOD)
Skald's Mail - Compatible (Select "Courier for important deliveries" in the MCM)
The Courier Crew - Compatible (Ensure my mod's files are loaded below theirs)

Better CourierSemi-Compatible (No direct conflicts, but edits the delivery system in a way that you'll hardly ever see my edits in-game.)

The Courier's deliveries (i.e. backpacks/scrolls) can't be stolen or equipped by the player because I've not flagged them as playable. This is intentional. Please refer to the credits if you'd like them for yourself.


Better Makeup by Diethardt
Double Sided Vertex Mouth Fix by Artsick/Ruhadre
ENB Brow Fix by triptherift
Expressive Facegen Morphs by Niroku
Eyes AO Clipping Fix by Artsick
Freckle Mania 2 by tetrodoxin
High Poly Vanilla Hair by Macxhiin 
Koralina’s Freckles and Moles by Koralina
Mild Hair Colors by nicostein
RaceMenu by expired6978
Wearable Spellbooks Scrolls and Staves by Lilum
Wet and Cold by isoku (meshes by hideto84)
Wood Frame Backpacks by sheepswirl