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Combines Awesome Potions Simplified's models/textures with CACO or Apothecary's new potions and effects.

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Awesome Potions Simplified by Revoith
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Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul (CACO) by kryptopyr
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Apothecary - An Alchemy Overhaul by SimonMagus and DeltaRider
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Not much to explain here, and it's not important if you just want to grab-and-go.


CACO or Apothecary
Meant to be used with: Awesome Potions Simplified
Install: Each is a single ESPFE plugin, so just install it normally and it won't count towards your plugin limit.

For Those Who Care for an Explanation

APS and CACO/Apothecary are partially incompatible. This is because, even though APS uses vanilla mesh paths for its improved models (making it more compatible than most), CACO changes that pathing to non-vanilla for a significant amount of potions and also adds several new potions that don't use vanilla models, such as the Potion of Night Eye. There are also 2 records that conflict. Apothecary has the same problem, but on a smaller scale, as only about a dozen of its potions use unique mesh paths.

As a result, no matter how you sort the plugins, if you use either of these alchemy mods alongside APS, you will get a mix of APS's potion models and the unique ones added by the other mod.

What these patches do is copy over any potion records from CACO or Apothecary that use non-vanilla meshes, then they revert or alter the mesh path to a matching vanilla one instead. As such, the patched potions will be "fixed," inheriting APS's models in-game while also retaining all of the alchemy mod's changes to potion names/effects/etc; the best of both worlds.

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