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Adds painted frescoes to the Temple of the Divines in Solitude and other Temples and Halls of the Dead.

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Newest Update - An update is on the way. Updated all description links in the meantime to link only to SE mods.

This is a small, quick and simple mod that adds painted frescoes from the Witcher games to the Temple of the Divines in Solitude and a few other sacred locations as well. I always thought it needed more color in it, and when I saw those frescoes, realized immediately where they would look best. Each Divine's alcove is now decorated with a fresco that I thought best illustrates that Divine's particular domain or personality. The frescoes have a nice 3-D effect that is easier to see in-game than in screenshots, so I recommend downloading and seeing how you like it in person, or checking out the videos below.

(Thank you to fickji and DonProtein for the videos! They show off, respectively, the Smaller Frescoes file and the main Larger Frescoes + Expansion file.)

Installation Instructions (Please Read!):

  1. Download and install with Nexus Mod Manager or your manager of choice as normal.
  2. Once installed, go to the plugins pane and select only the plugins that you want. Leave the rest unchecked:

SolitudeTempleFrescoes.esp = The main file, covers every single Temple in Skyrim and every Hall of the Dead. The frescoes in this file are larger.
SolitudeTempleFrescoesLarge.esp = Just the Solitude Temple, same size as the main file. No other Temples or Halls of the Dead.
SolitudeTempleFrescoesSmall.esp = Just the Solitude Temple, but the frescoes are a bit smaller. No other Temples or Halls of the Dead.
SolitudeTempleFrescoesExpanded.esp = Just the other Temples and Halls of the Dead. No Solitude Temple.

You can mix and match these as desired, but if you are using SolitudeTempleFresoces.esp you should only have that checked and no others. You should also only pick one of the Large or Small files if you are using those versions instead.


Everything! No really, all this does is add the new art as static items in the nooks of the temple wall. It doesn't change any vanilla assets, and should be compatible with any other mod that doesn't also try to add objects into those nooks (and even then you'd just get clipping, nothing game-breaking). There may be some minor incompatibilities with any mods that dramatically change the interiors of the Temples or the Halls of the Dead, so let me know if you find anything that clips or overlaps. See the Recommended Mods at the bottom for a list of recommendations.

Should be perfectly compatible with Jaxonz Positioner (+ Fixes!) if you want to duplicate and grab the frescoes to put them wherever you want. They have bare plaster around the edges, though, so you might want to choose your locations to frame them nicely. This can also be used to resize and move around the default frescoes if the slight clipping bothers you at all.


"Can you make this with the Oblivion stained glass windows?"

I'd love to do that, but I can't unfortunately. Bethesda does not allow porting of assets between games, and I am not a modeler, so I can't make new assets myself. These frescoes are from a modder's resource. If someone ever makes a modder's resource of the stained glass windows I will make it available, though. If you can model/texture want to make these yourself, let me know! I'd be happy to include them.

"This mod isn't lore-friendly! These are from the Witcher!"

It says in the first sentence of the mod description that this is a Witcher-inspired mod, I never claimed they weren't. :P Lots of other mods on the Nexus use Witcher assets, and I personally think they feel fitting. I tried to align each fresco with the Divine I thought the art suited best (for example, Stendarr has a tower like his beacon, Arkay gets a skull, Akatosh an ouroboros, etc.) and think that it's lore-friendly myself. If you don't like this mod, nobody is forcing you to use it.

"Are you going to add art in more places in Skyrim?"

That was the original plan, but my current schedule doesn't really allow me to do it. Maybe one day though! In the meantime, check out the links below for some nice mod recommendations.

"What mods/ENB are you using in your screenshots?"

That's the Fire and Storm ENB for Legendary Edition, my favorite ENB, and Rens HD Shrines (link here to the SE port).

Use this however you want in a free mod, as long as you give credit to this page and everyone in my Credits section.
You cannot use this in a paid mod, ever.

Modders Resource Pack - Witcher Extension by Oaristys for the conversions
CD Projekt for the originals.
The Witcher meshes and textures are owned and copyrighted by CD Projekt and used with permission.
The Witcher is a trademark of CD Projekt. All rights reserved.

Recommended and Compatible Mods:
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Distinct Interiors
Rens HD Shrines
Stunning Statues of Skyrim
Temple Healers
Your pick of amulet and shrine blessings mods. Personally haven't found one I like for SE yet.