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NOTE: This mod will remain as-is. I'm not sure if it works with the most recent version of SSE I just know that it works with 1.5.73. I will not make this hidden in case it works for some.
This is a mod I felt is required for Hearthfire, and seeing as how the old modder left the scene, I took it upon myself to figure out how to convert it.

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I've been getting notifications that the mod doesn't have full functionality on some newer versions of the game.  I use version for the executable so I have been unable to test these issues.  It appears at a certain point an update for SKSE may have changed something more than just a version check since it happened a few months back, but thats only my assumption based on the circumstances.  If anyone else figures out a fix before me, they are welcome to post it or send it to me and I will link their post or the file on this page.  Thank you.

ORIGINAL MOD by former creator Jaxonz 

With the help of TheSponge, I was able to add on some fixed scripts that should bring back previously unavailable functionality!  Thank you so much!  
(Converted scripts come from
They are already in my main file regardless!

Update 2 ~3/21/18~

I recommend using this mod in conjunction with place-able statics over here, due to it supporting hearthfire better than my mod and gives workarounds for the small bugs in this mod.

PLEASE NOTE - Because im not well versed in C++ coding, all functionalities that require Jaxons DLL file are not available.  All of the functions ive used have worked, so the mod is more or less extremely useful even in this state

Im pretty sure that Bethesda thought people would find decorating homes boring so they didnt make this mod built into the game, so when SSE came out i was pretty bummed out by my hearthfire home

This mod fixes that.  Please note, this is my first ever modding type situation ive done  (aside from installing/playing with mods. been doing that for years)

So if something isnt completely working, im sorry im not certain how to fix it.

Any constructive criticism / tutoring would be really nice, as i would like to begin making my own mods  :D

(NOTE!) Some alerts may happen upon first loading a save, just click okay.  The functions all work according to my testing, with no known broken saves!

Happy Decorating!

(For Installation, i personally used Mod Organizer. NMM should work fine)

Drag and drop into your SSE Directory and enjoy!  (assuming you have skse and SkyUI c:)

(On the original mod page)

jaxonz543 kudos1817 posts
Hey everyone. I've decided to leave the Skyrim modding scene.
If anyone wants to take over one or all of my mods, please let me know by private message (I get email notified).
Otherwise, all of my mods are distributed with full source code in the BSA file, so feel free to alter them as you wish.