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All Statues of Skyrim remade in HD

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I made this mod and my others a long time ago when i was learning how to change meshes in skyrim and to do retexturing, so some of them are better than other but it was what i succeed to do , i never have been a pro with blender nor 3dsmax nor in texturing , so it is my contribution to skyrim as it is ;).

If someone do better one day i will be please as well :)


v1.0 first release
v1.1 Image Path correction , add steel version of skyforge
v1.1 Image Path correction , add steel version of skyforge
v1.2 version correction , add rusty copper version of the falmer statue , add sovngarde statue
v1.3 Malacath meshe correction , file name remane
v1.4 Vaermina 4k texture fixed

Here the so waited full package of all statues

Soo it is the full package of the 16 statues i have redone
Bella Dibella
Neat Nocturnal
Astonich Azura
Terrific Talos
Ysterical Ysgramor
Melancolic Meridia
Madness Malacath
Wakened Winterhold Statue
Clever Clavicus
Bucolic Boethiah
Necro Namira
Magnetic Mara
Malefic Mehrunes
Vehement Vaermina
Spicy Skyforge
Fancy Falmer
Sweet Sovngarde Statue

This package give you the choice of what you want selecting meshes and/or texture
most of the texture format are in 2k/1k and for some in 4k


Thx [url=]jonwd7 for the main mod image ;)

Here a showwcase THX laiilaiiheii