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Retexture & remesh of the Divines' shrines to an HD look with finer detail and alternate color schemes.

Port of mod with same name for Oldrim by Rengel.

Permissions and credits
[Oldrim: ]

Two versions offered: 2K (default) version has all textures in 2048*2048 resolution, quadruple of vanilla Oldrim. Alternate 4K version upscales textures to 4096*4096 resolution, decahexauple that of Oldrim. Install one or the other.

Fomod installer provided: choose the variants you want, if any.

[below are from Ren's descriptions]


I thought the vanilla one was too simple, I couldn't really see any detail at all. I noticed the file name was called akatosh hourglass so I decided to make that attribute stand out as the centerpiece of the shrine. Akatosh is the god of time, but the shrine wasn't striking enough.

I designed and added scales from scratch to his snake-like body which wraps around a spherical structure that is actually the hourglass of time; it now reflects light realistically like glass, and if you look closely you'll see sand falling just like a real sand hourglass.

Ren-Detail: The engraving on the sword reads 'Bormahu' which means father to the dragons; thought it would be a nice little detail.


Life and death, and its endless cycle. It didn't really hit me at all when I looked at the shrine in vanilla.

I got mostly inspired by its amulet counterpart, which is red. I thought it made much more sense; red equals life and flesh. Made the two square frames (the star around the sphere) different colors to represent Life and Death as two seperate entities. Wanted the whole piece to be as striking as possible.


I have to admit her shrine is quite nice in vanilla, however I think detail gets lost in its monochrome style.

Aedra of beauty, love and lust (some say), I decided to use more bold colors. I used black to make it elegant and captivating, followed by a darker purple and finally ends in pink, demonstrating its delicate femeninity.

Ren-Detail: Inside the pink petals, rests the water vessel. I added a little green leaf floating on top of the water.


It was a triangle alright. But that was it. Julianos is supposed to rule over magicka and be the aedra of wisdom. Don't think anyone really got any idea what kind of entity is being worshipped.

The original shrine files had such a beautiful design hidden by the dark complexion of the shrine. Magic circles and an all-seeing eye etched into it. I worked really hard to elevate the details but still keeping it from being too flashy.

Ren-Detail: If you play around with your view, you will notice that it's actually very glossy.


Goddess of Air, the heavens and spirits and usually represented by birds. Did you guys know the shrine is supposed to be a bird? I didn't notice at all until I started working on it. Another beautiful shrine lost in its dull colors.

I chose the nice blue-green hues to give you the impression of winds and freshness. The enveloping whiteness of the shrine, should show the vastness of the sky she represents. It is defintely a shrine that needs to be studied with the eye at least for a bit.

Ren-Detail: You can see at the base, on the front and on the sides, little bluish-green wings that add to the overall detail.


The first shrine I ever worked on. It was very hard to figure out what to change, it was a nice shrine on its own. So I decided to focus on detail. A lot of detail.

I never really liked the face of the shrine; I always thought it was pouting and seemed restless. I edited so she appears to be more feminine and pure, just like 'Madonnas' found in classical paintings. I added a lot of carvings all over her design, paying close attention without deviating too much from her style. I'm
pretty happy about it ^__^

Ren-Detail: I made mara's intricate background have a see-through feature. The vanilla version only had a black background.


The shrine most fun out of all visually in my honest opinion. But in vanilla seemed too plain to go hand in hand with its quirky model.

I re-designed the horn completely to be made out of tusk and leather wrappings. The water showering the bowl has nice subtle colors to imitate water as close as possible. God of Charity and Mercy, what's better than to show it through nice fresh endless water. The bowl it sits is silver with little claws supporting it.

Ren-Detail: The stream of water coming out of the horn is actually transluscent.


A name that pops up a lot thorough the game, A mighty emperor and dragonborn and now a part of the Nine Divines. His shrine, modeled after a sword, didn't really scream mighty or strong at all. Was too dull.

Revamped the colors completely, giving it a rusty and dragon-like feel. Made the blade a different color and more luminescent as to show divine power.

Ren-Detail: The Carved symbols at the base and hilt, and the golden design along the blade.


The simplest shrine of all, and probably one of the top that no one remembers. It's dark-solid build just made it unperceivable unless you're really up close.

The only thing I could do to help the little guy is to make it look like it's made out of a chromey material so its alluring to the eye and its one of the first things you see when you enter a room.

People Ren wants to thank:

Other acknowledgements:
LupusHegemonia:  upscale to 2K and retouching
SenatorJarJarBinks: upscale to 4K