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Expands on the excellent Lawbringer mod to make several locations in Solstheim claimable.

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 Also available on Xbox One.

is a great mod that allows you to claim locations around Skyrim for a faction of your choice, ensuring that it will only respawn in the future with friendly NPCs. It is really enjoyable to claim locations and see a tangible impact on the world around you. Places like Valtheim Keep and Pine Watch Bridge are fun locations because they are bandit camps stationed on the roadway, so claiming feels very impactful.

This is the third in my series of Lawbringer addons. Previously I have brought law to Wyrmstooth and Cyrodiil, now it is Solstheim's turn! This mod will add support for three factions and three locations on the island of Solstheim.

 House Redoran 

House Redoran is one of the five Morrowind Great Houses, they see tradition and the way of the warrior of the greatest ideals of Dunmer life. After the eruption of Red Mountain the Redoran found themself in a position of power and ended up as one of the most powerful houses. They have controlled Solstheim for nearly two centuries but, despite their famed martial prowess, they are unable to exert much influence outside of Raven Rock due to the harsh conditions and lack of resources. There is much untapped potential on the island, potential that House Redoran would be very interested in exploiting if given the chance.

 The East Empire Company 

Requires completion of The Final Descent.

The East Empire Company is a trading business that is funded by the Empire but works independently from the government proper. They maintain a small but powerful standing army of mercenaries to protect their interests around Tamriel. Raven Rock was originally founded as a Company Colony in the late Third Era, however they were forced to move out of the island when Solstheim was given to Morrowind and House Redoran moved in. While the East Empire Company has largely ignored the island since they pulled out, the reopening of the Raven Rock Mine has prompted them to reconsider their current position.

 The Thirsk Tribe 

Requires completion of The Chief of Thirsk Hall.

The Thirsk Tribe is a new riekling power in the central Solstheim region. The tribe is centered around the titular mead hall that they recently usurped from the inhabiting Nord warriors. Riekling society is comprised of many different tribes across Solstheim, rivalries run deep and violence is quick to break out between the disparate groups. Emboldened by their recent victory, the Thirsk Tribe have many old grudges that they would very much like to settle.

Broken Tusk Mine


Broken Tusk Mine is a small heart stone mine between Bristleback Cave and Stalhrim Source, inhabited to the Mortrag Tribe of rieklings. While heart stones may not be a precious metal, House Redoran and the East Empire Company can both see that it is of value to mages and know they would be able to turn a profit with it. The Thirsk Tribe wants to run out and capture the mine from the rival tribe of rieklings currently inhabiting it.

Damphall Mine


Damphall Mine is a large iron and silver mine north of Bloodskal Barrow, home to a group of reavers. The mine is very large and contains several veins of silver and iron, the resources within would be a boon to both the East Empire Company and House Redoran if it could be claimed.

Moesring Pass


Moesring Pass is a mountain pass due northwest of the Temple of Miraak, inhabited by the Moesring Tribe of rieklings guarding the nearby Strange Vessel. House Redoran and the East Empire Company both has a vested interest in investigating the piece of Dwemer tech locations here. The Thirsk Tribe wants to run out and capture the pass (and all its shiny objects) from the rival tribe of rieklings currently inhabiting it.

Recommended Mods

In the base game the East Empire Company does not have a unique aesthetic, the mercenaries you see in Rise in the East wear Imperial Legion Armor and the East Empire Wardens from Scoundrel's Folly just wear Steel Armor. So, it is highly recommended that you use East Empire Company Armor (seen in the screenshots) alongside this mod. It will equip the East Empire Company with a new unique set of armor that will make the faction much more aesthetically interesting.

Without this mod installed the East Empire Wardens added to claimed locations will just use the Steel Armor outfit from Scoundrel's Folly.

This mod is incompatible with any mod that also makes changes to the locations listed above.