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Expands on the excellent Lawbringer mod to make several locations in Wyrmstooth claimable.

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 Also available on Xbox One.

is a great mod that I have recently fallen in love with. It allows you to claim locations around Skyrim for a faction of your choice, ensuring that it will only respawn in the future with friendly NPCs. It is really enjoyable to claim locations and see a tangible impact on the world around you. Places like Valtheim Keep and Pine Watch Bridge are fun locations because they are bandit camps stationed on the roadway, so claiming feels very impactful.

I am sad there are not more modules to expand Lawbringer's system to other part of Skyrim or other modded locations. So I decided I would make one myself. This mod will bring Lawbringer functionality to three factions and five locations on Wyrmstooth!

The East Empire Company

The East Empire Company is a trading business that is funded by the Empire but works independently from the government proper. They maintain a small but powerful standing army of mercenaries to protect their interests around Tamriel. In Wyrmstooth the East Empire Company wants to protect their colony on the island and expand their trade influence as far as they can. Claiming for the Company will often see locations become fortified and turned into storehouses for goods in order to better facilitate trade across the region.

The Imperial Legion

The Imperial Legion is the military branch of the Mede Empire. They exert influence across Cyrodiil, High Rock, and Skyrim, with the latter having a stronger presence than normal due to the ongoing civil war. Wyrmstooth is a rich source of income for the Empire due to East Empire Company's operations there. Claiming for the Legion will see locations get turned into military camps and similar installations to protect their interests in Wyrmstooth and across the Sea of Ghosts.

 The Stormcloaks

The Stormcloaks are a scrappy insurgent faction built on nationalism and loyalty to their titular leader, Ulfric Stormcloak. They are in open conflict with the Imperial Legion over control of Skyrim and do not have the resources to properly garrison Wyrmstooth. However, they are interested in disrupting Imperial supply lines to put further strain on the Empire's resources in the north. Claiming for the Stormcloaks will usually result in the location being razed.

Abandoned Camp


A camp east of Krakevisa. While the civil war doesn’t reach as far north as Wyrmstooth, it would seem like the Stormcloaks may have been keeping an eye on imperial operations on the island until recently. The location has the infastructure to serve as a good expeditionary camp for the East Empire Company and Imperial Legion. The Stormcloaks may consider it a good idea to reestablish their listening post here.

Ruined Homestead


Marauders currently occupy this ruined homestead south of Bloodstone Camp in the central mountains. The location would serve as a good command post for the Imperial Legion or a depot for the East Empire Company. The Stormcloaks see the value of the homestead but are unable to garrison it themselves, so they 
do their best to make the place worthless to their rivals.

Thalmor Camp


A camp recently set up by the Thalmor on the northern island of Witch’s Crag. The camp's proximity to the northern coast makes it a good place for East Empire Company caravans to rest up between ferrying supplies to the nearby dock. The Stormcloaks on the other hand would very much like to burn the Thalmor to the ground.

Twinpeak Tower


A nordic tower overlooking the steam pools, occupied by a group of marauders that guard Twinpeak Pass. This location serves as a good place for the East Empire Company or Imperial Legion to keep an eye out for trouble across the steam pools and western forests.

Waylayer Watch


An old imperial tower near Dunyick’s Camp, occupied by marauders when the Dragonborn arrives. This location seves as a good defensive position for the East Empire Companty or Imperial Legion along the south road.

Recommended Mods

In the base game the East Empire Company does not have a unique aesthetic, the mercenaries you see in Rise in the East wear Imperial Legion Armor and the East Empire Wardens from Scoundrel's Folly just wear Steel Armor. So, it is highly recommended that you use East Empire Company Armor (seen in the screenshots) alongside this mod. It will equip the East Empire Company with a new unique set of armor that will make the faction much more aesthetically interesting.

Without this mod installed the East Empire Wardens added to claimed locations will just use the Steel Armor outfit from Scoundrel's Folly.

This mod is incompatible with any mod that also makes changes to the locations listed above.